Kishmel Eagar Shares 5 Global Tourist Destinations That Can Bring You Close to Nature

Kishmel EagarPhoto Credit: Kishmel Eagar

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Reconnecting with nature is good for mental health, in addition to the joy of being surrounded by beautiful sceneries. Kishmel Eagar, a digital marketer, says that having a vacation that immerses you in nature is one of the best ways to relax.

Kishmel, a digital marketer and entrepreneur who is also an avid nature lover. He takes time whenever he can to visit various natural attractions and exotic destinations across the globe. Here are some of the destinations that Kishmel recommends for nature lovers:

South Africa touring South Africa should be on every nature lover’s bucket list—everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. South Africa has breathtaking scenery everywhere you look, and there are so many places to visit. To enjoy South Africa on a nature trip, you should try to visit during summer (November to February). However, safari trips in the national parks are best enjoyed during winter (June to August) when temperatures drop. Some of the places you should visit include Table Mountain National Park (hiking or using a cable car), Kruger National Park, and the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. 

Canada is a country that was practically made for nature lovers, with lots to see in every part of the country. While the best way to enjoy what Canada offers is to travel from one coast to the other, you can opt to visit one part of the country and still see epic landscapes. Some of the must-visit places in Canada include the Niagara Falls (on a boat, aerial view on a helicopter, or cliffside view at Fallsview Casino) and the Banff National Park.

Iceland is also known as the Land of fire and ice. Iceland is home to lots of spectacular natural attractions, from waterfalls and lagoons to icebergs and craters. Some of the most beautiful destinations and activities in Iceland include The Westfjords (one of Iceland’s most spectacular yet less traveled regions), viewing the Northern Lights on dark and clear skies, and the Blue Lagoon, one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World.

Namibia – no African nature trip is complete without visiting the breathtaking landscapes of Namibia. It hosts one of the greatest wildlife populations worldwide and is home to over 600 bird species. Some of Namibia’s famous tourist attractions and activities include bird watching and viewing diverse wildlife in one of Namibia’s many national parks.

Bolivia – this ecological masterpiece is abundant in wildlife, diverse plants, and remarkable landscapes. It is associated with animals such as the llama, alpaca, the maned wolf, jaguar, and the giant otter. Exploring the country’s remote and undisturbed locations with numerous breathtaking attractions is an unmatched adventure for nature lovers. Some of those attractions include the Amazon rainforest on either a Pampas tour or a jungle tour and the Salar de Uyuni expansive salt flats that stretch for over 10,000 square kilometers.

Visiting some of these destinations, according to Kishmel, is an experience of a lifetime that any nature lover should aspire to do.