Design A Home That Reflects Your Lifestyle – Jumbo Stock’s CEO Roy Vanono

Roy VanonoPhoto Credit: Roy Vanono

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Home is where the heart is—when it is furnished with a personal touch. Roy Vanono, the owner of Jumbo Stock, talks about how the store enables people to design their abode the way they want to.

Tailored to personal taste and budget

Vanono describes Jumbo Stock as a place that has everything one needs to make their home sweet home. Founded in 2015, it now has 11 stores all over Israel. It’s a chain that offers a wide range of quality products designed at affordable prices. It caters to individual preferences by offering a variety of design items spread across different categories. Aside from decorative items and accessories, one will also find complementary furniture at relatively low prices. All enables even the ordinary man to design his extraordinary house.

Design a house that reflects your lifestyle

Jumbo Stock allows anyone to choose items that would help them bring and enjoy an individual lifestyle in one place. Vanono shares, “We help each family member create their own meticulously designed spaces within their homes, reflecting their personal joie de vivre.” One can choose from an assortment of design items, furniture, home decoration, textiles, bedding, kitchen, and household items. There’s even a hodgepodge of modern furniture, antiques, complementary products, and accessories for the bathroom. Jumbo Stock has also got the kids’ needs covered. They provide an assortment of toys, games, and leisure items for children and babies. It’s a one-stop store for every family member.

Convenience of shopping

The Jumbo Stock lifestyle chain recently opened up their online shopping website. Now, apart from going to their amazing stores, one can buy items from the comfort of their couches. One can get their purchases delivered at the cost of NIS 29. He further shares, “Chinese websites offer delivery within a month. Jumbo Stock makes sure the customer gets their home-sweet-home package delivered within a day or two”.

It’s personal

Vanono mentions that improving the experience of a customer at every step of the way is paramount. He shares, “Our products are simple yet intricate, and each has a personal touch to make you feel at home.” So, whether one is moving to a new house or wants to refurbish the old one, Jumbo Stock has everything from book stands to cool coffee tables, well-designed dressers, and much more that will add a ‘touch of you’ to the house.

A store that cares

Jumbo Stock designs most of its products itself and adheres to existing designs by Israeli designers. The team negotiates with all the suppliers so that customers don’t have to, thus offering affordable prices without compromising on quality. Vanono says, “A visit to Jumbo Stock feels like a trip to an amusement park—step in without necessarily knowing what you want, and just walk around. You will love it!