Women’s Favorite Luxe Athleisure Brand, Ultracor Expands Into Men’s Fashion

UltracorPhoto Credit: Ultracor

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd, By Alexandra Sharova

Women have been dedicated athleisure fans for years now, sporting leggings for nearly every occasion, whether fitness is involved or not. One brand has come out as a leader in the luxe activewear space for women thanks to its unparalleled quality and ever-evolving patterns. Ultracor, whose commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned the company a cult-following, has ventured into the largely untapped market of men’s athleisure.

The recently-launched line aims to bring the same premium material and fit that its female audience has been obsessed with since the company launched its viral “knockout leggings” in 2016, to men. The goal is to bring the culture of high-end activewear to men, for whom there hasn’t truly been a worthwhile equivalent to what is on the market for women. Co-founder Michael Ball—who runs Ultracor with his wife and the brand’s founder and CEO Asha Kai—explains that shorts for men are like leggings for women. “I actually look forward to putting my Ultracor shorts on,” he adds. Michael isn’t the only one impressed with the product and the array of options, which include everything from compression leggings to joggers and tops. The new line is already gaining notoriety with celebrities and influencers alike. 

Ultracor, whose entire line is produced in-house—from design to fabrication—works differently than most brands on the market. They never over-produce, thanks to a typical turnaround of two-three weeks, which also means that there is never waste. A key pillar of the company is sustainability, and they apply it to every step of the business.

“It’s not just about making money—it’s about being responsible, sustainable, and finding new and efficient ways to produce products in the U.S.,” Ball explains. This philosophy, coupled with Ultracor being a performance-product that holds up during the most rigorous workouts, is leading the budding men’s athleisure line into a bright future—where something as simple as an everyday short becomes truly special.