Get These 3 Tequilas On Your Radar For National Tequila Day & Beyond

Today is an extremely important holiday; it’s National Tequila Day. Instead of sticking to the same old tequilas, try one of these on for size, both to celebrate today and beyond, from Clase Azul, Volcan De Mi Terra and Código 1530. Check them out below.


This 80-proof tequila is a mix of Clase Azul’s Plata with Extra Anejo (aged eight years, first in bourbon barrels and then finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks), created especially for this very special bottle. Like all Clase Azul bottles, aesthetically speaking, it’s also gorgeous and makes a stunning addition to any bar lineup, especially since it is a mixture of glass from Plata and ceramic from Extra Anejo, inspired by Mayan folklore with their sun and moon fascination; “The ancient Mayans believed the Sun and Moon were lovers in a story between Heaven and Earth. Clase Azul GOLD embodies the spectacular sunsets created by the daily descent of the Mayan Sun God into his lovers terrestrial arms. According to Mayan beliefs, a man’s nightly slumber was a welcome death that allowed your spirit to be reborn at dawn—a celestial cycle of transformation.”

Limited to 6,000 pieces and available beginning August 1st; Price: $300

clase azul goldPhoto Credit: Clase Azul


This 100-percent Blue Weber agave tequila—70-percent slow-roasted lowlands agave using horno and tacoma for crushing and 30-percent highlands agave—is double-distilled in copper and stainless-steel stills. This provides an overall taste profile that hints at herbal, citrus and spice notes—from the lowlands—and fruit-forward notes of cherry and pear—from the highlands—for a beautiful blended expression of the terroir. “We are extremely proud that despite the challenges of this recent pandemic, Volcan is continuing to expand and grow rapidly,” began Patrick Richards, Business Development Manager of Spirits for Moet Hennessy USA. “We have a special surprise coming at the end of the year.”

volcan blancoPhoto Credit: Moet Hennessy USA

Price: $42.99-$49.99


Produced at the brand’s private Amatitán distillery, Código 1530 Reposado marries the purity of the brand’s Blanco tequila, together with its six-month aging process, done in high-end Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels. Flavor-wise, it’s agave-forward with notes of Los Bajos tequila and signature whiskey flavors, as well as toasted caramel, vanilla and cocoa powder. Overall, it’s bright and sweet on the tongue and smooth on the throat.

Código 1530Photo Credit: Código 1530

Price: $59.99 (approximately)