Miami Heat Star Jimmy Butler Talks Wine & Work With Haute Living & Wine Access On IG Live

When it comes to putting in the work during the NBA season, Jimmy Butler is known for giving it his all. But during this unprecedented and unsettling time, it’s hard to understand the “right way” to do things, and how to be most effective/productive while at home. Having said that, Butler is a natural-born leader, and just as he led the Miami Heat on the court during the regular season that was unexpectedly cut short due to COVID-19, he’s continuing to lead them now, as well. In an exclusive Instagram Live session called “A Journey into Wine” with myself, Director of Editorial + Fashion Deyvanshi Masrani for Haute Living and Wine Access, Butler, from his home in San Diego, revealed how he’s helping his teammates put in work at home, while we sipped on two fabulous wines—a 2013 Hundred Acre Wraith Cabernet Sauvignon and a very special 2000 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac Bordeaux, both courtesy of Wine Access. (CLICK HERE TO GET $30 OFF YOUR PURCHASE OF $100+ ON WINE ACCESS).

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DEYVANSHI MASRANI: What I love about Wine Access in particular is how they embrace the story telling aspect about wine. So many of these vineyards have real stories to tell. It’s amazing to enjoy a bottle of wine and have that story and memory of who you enjoyed it with. Can you tell us some of your most memorable wine experiences?
JIMMY BUTLER: I love being around my people, my friends, my family. I think every wine bottle has its own story, the years that go into it, how it was made. I really enjoy these times. We always talk about where we came from and how far we’ve come, as we’re sitting around a table drinking wive. And never in a million years you’d be able to tell me that I’d be on IG Live with you drinking bottles like this. We didn’t know what any of this in Texas and now I’m fortunate enough to sip a little bit of the good stuff.


JB: The most important part of how I got into wine is that it was with Mark Wahlberg back in 2013. The first wine I ever had was a Sassicaia 2010, which is where my love for Sassicaia came in. I learned more about [it] and before I knew it, I was always drinking wine over tequila and visiting more wineries. I still don’t know what I’m talking about most of the time but I like to pretend that I do. [Laughs] But that’s where it all started. I would [also] say that my number one memory was my first time having Sassicaia back in 2013 with Mark. I was walking onto his trailer, he opens up his wine carrying case and pulls out the bottle. He’s like, ‘Hey, do you drink wine?’ And I said ‘No.’ The guy I was with said, ‘You don’t say that you don’t drink wine when Mark Wahlberg is asking if you drink wine.’ So I was just like, ‘Oh yeah, of course I drink wine.’ I actually tasted it and enjoyed it. Not knowing what I was drinking though, I thought, ‘This isn’t half bad.’ And I’d say that was my one most memorable time. The relationship that me and Mark have means the world to me. I love other kinds of wines, like Lynche-Bages and Petrus, who doesn’t…but I’m telling you, that Sassicaia hits different.

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JB: I feel like everybody should have an opportunity to still get their work in, so we sent them a couple of baskets, so they could shoot. Because T-Herro [Tyler Herro] was getting on my nerves, cussing me out because he couldn’t shoot. And I was like, ‘What do you want me to do? Hold my hands out for you?’…I wish I could be around all my guys. But I get to talk to everybody. Duncan [Robinson] just turned 26 the other day; KO [Kelly Olynyk] just had a birthday. I get messages from UD [Udonis Haslem], hating on me all the time. I just miss being around those guys, hooping, going to war with them. But I actually just sent Duncan and KO some wine for their birthdays. So I’m sure they’ll be sipping until we get back to work.

Click here to check out out a part of the IG Live session on Wine Access’ Instagram page, where Jimmy talks about trying Dwyane Wade’s wines, what his diet has been like during quarantine and whether or not he’s chosen a sneaker to rock on the court when the season gets back on track.