Discover The Latest Design Trend, “Japandi” With BoConcept Pieces & Easy Tips

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Why is the combination of a Japanese and Scandinavian style ideal for decorating your home or apartment in Miami? Although it may not seem like it, the relationship between these two cultures has created the perfect new trend for houses and apartments in Miami. Japandi is the new trend in interior design and decoration that meets the needs of contemporary life for Miamians, as it allows for the creation of relaxed, smart spaces that optimize productivity. It is precisely the intelligence and functionality of Danish furniture that makes it so useful, since the Scandinavian design philosophy is based on getting the most out of each space—an ottoman that transforms into a bed, extendable tables or modular sofas are all basic elements when it comes to achieving the Japandi design trend.

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Here in Miami, we can find a few BoConcept showrooms, one of the most important Scandinavian designer furniture brands that you can visit for inspiration to set your Japandi decoration plan into motion. The relationship between Denmark and Japan began more than 150 years ago, when the designers traveled to the east looking for sources of inspiration, and now we can see that close relationship in the simplicity of the furniture, its functionality and its materials. In addition, within the BoConcept collection, you can find pieces by Nendo, one of the most highly renowned Japanese designers.

BoConceptPhoto Credit: BoConcept

Now, can you imagine the combination of functionality, simplicity and the view from our buildings in Miami? In order to achieve this, BoConcept suggests the following:

  1. Wood is essential, so you should choose key pieces of furniture that are made of this material. Every year, a team of professionals travels from Denmark to Canada to carefully select the wood that will be used to produce their furniture.
  2. Use colors! There are two lines within the Japandi style, you can choose a palette of neutral tones and add color with accessories, or you can use bright colors mainly on the walls. BoConcept can help you to decide which combination works best for your lifestyle.
  3. Choose accessories with functionality in mind, such as vases and plates, and then add in bold touches with colorful cushions and contrasting blankets.

BoConceptPhoto Credit: BoConcept

This new Japandi trend is very broad and is closely tied to the lifestyle of everyone who lives in Miami. It can adapt to both large spaces or smaller apartments. A frame, an accessory and the materials make all the difference, which is why BoConcept has more than 100 options for upholstering furniture, including different types of fabric and leather. In addition, it offers a free interior design service, which can be done at your home, at a private session in the store or through a video call.

BoConceptPhoto Credit: BoConcept

Explore the BoConcept collection and decorate your Miami home in the Japandi style by clicking here.