Translating The World Through Teacherix

The translators at Teacherix help the world’s inhabitants feel closer, transact multi-national businesses, and lately have become the ultimate in luxury travel.

Teacherix, which started out as a small business connecting teachers with schools around the worldwide, has grown into so much more, featuring tutors, coaches, translators, and other education professionals.

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The company has also attained a high demand from the private sector.

“Our company is so young, and we are blown away by the demand by both top global educational facilities and the private sector, and of course the strong interest on the talent front,” says Teacherix Founder and CEO Shan S. Haider, excited about the success, growth, and diversity of his company. “Our selection system is totally unique in the world market, hence the enormous satisfaction rate we are given by our clients. Bringing a native speaker translator to that international deal-making appointment is a very strong global trend and we are committed to always finding the right fit. And the talent we hire just love all the great international experience that comes with their new job.”

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Teacherix Founder and CEO Shan S. Haider

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The world has gotten smaller on both, the professional and personal levels. As multi-national companies’ employees move from one country to another to relocate to a different office, they have to first get familiarized with the most fundamental part of communication in a foreign country: the language.

Luxury, high-net-worth travelers have the special trend of having a personal translator accompany them on trips who knows the local language and culture of the destination.

For students, Teacherix has opened the doors of the world. With a few clicks, they can be on the way to a multi-language lifestyle, a prized possession in the 21st century.

“We get as many requests from top 100 companies as from schools and universities,” continues Haider. “Having a native speaker translator in a company is as intriguing as having that German professor in this LA school who is actually from Germany.”

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The teachers have embraced having the ease of access to a worldwide market of students.

“I was looking for an international experience. I was especially interested in Turkey and conveyed my ideas to Teacherix. They then made it all happen and connected me with the right place. I love the company I’m now working with,” says Cansu Nar, a Canadian teacher who is now working in Istanbul.

Teacherix has proven to be both a crucial tool to connect businesses with markets half a world away, as well as the coup de grace “accessory” for the traveler looking to have no limitations in their experience.

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