House Of Macadamias Kickstarter Campaign Introduces New Genre Of Superfoods

Just days into 2020, the trend sweeping America is the unveiling of the latest superfood – macadamias.

house of macadamias 1Photo Credit: House Of Macadamias

Spearheading the trend is the vanguard startup House of Macadamias (HoM), whose new kickstarter campaign commits to bring the super nut to international markets on an accessible level for the first time ever. 

It’s little secret that the macadamia nut packs numerous health advantages over traditional nuts, including higher levels of healthy monounsaturated (healthy) fats, lower amounts of harmful lectins, and greater product application versatility- but they have been previously brushed off due to their cumbersome sourcing process and price tags.

House of macadamias 2Photo Credit: House of Macadamias

HoM, however, has finally solved this dilemma by basing its production in the macadamia capital of the world- South Africa- circumventing expensive middlemen traders who previously have controlled the macadamia nut market. 

And HoM does not stop there. As you can see from their kickstarter, HoM has not only vertically integrated production and supply. but is also taking on the development of its own direct-to-consumer food products including nut butters, nutritional bars, and milks.

House of Macadamias 3Photo Credit: House of Macadamias

Upon a successful kickstarter, there are no limits to what this food company of the future can do or the revolutionary new macadamia-based product genre it can singlehandedly bring to the market.

Thus, this is certainly a great choice for investment, especially amongst health enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers. 

Check it out now and pledge to springboard House of Macadamias to the public eye. 

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