Country Music Powerhouse Brett Eldredge Reveals Why He Is So Excited For This Year’s 10-City Glow Live Christmas Tour

When soulful crooner Brett Eldredge first emerged on the country music scene back in 2013 with his debut album, “Bring You Back,” we knew he would be someone to watch closely. Since then, the Illinois native has topped the country radio charts with singles like “Beat of the Music,” “Drunk on Your Love,” “Lose My Mind,” and “Love Someone” (the third single from his self-titled record, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and the all-genre Top Albums Sales chart). Three years ago, he released his Christmas record Glow and earned an additional No. 1 song on the Holiday Music and Adult Contemporary charts with “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” a duet alongside Grammy-winner Meghan Trainor.

We caught up last week with the platinum-selling singer/songwriter, who was hanging with his pup Edgar in Nashville before preparing this week to embark on a 10-city Glow Live Christmas tour that kicks off in Nashville and includes stops in Atlanta, Boston, New York and Chicago.

Photo Credit: Boch Center

Tell us about your Glow Live holiday tour, which kicks off December 4 in Nashville (and ends December 21 in Chicago).

This year is the first year we are taking it to a big scale. It has grown every year, and now it is just expanding in a big way.

Boston is lucky to be one of the 10 cities you will be visiting (on December 14). Do you have any favorite spots you like to check out when you are in town?

Boston is one of my favorite cities. I have never been up there this time of year so I am really excited. I grew up in Illinois and it gets cold there so maybe I’ll have a little whiskey to warm up. Last time I was there, I went to the Seaport area and spent a long time walking around and got inspired. Fenway Park is incredible. Just the environment there is amazing. I grew up going to Wrigley Field and thought there was nothing quite like that park, but Fenway is right up there.

Was it always a dream for you to create a Christmas album?

Oh yeah. I have always been a kid at heart and Christmas brings out that kid in all of us. Anytime you can be reminded of that, it’s very powerful. I wanted to do it in a big band way and finally got to do it. Now, we are growing it to a big old tour and I’m ecstatic about that.

Were you surprised at how well received it has been?

I came out as a country artist, but also grew up singing big band and jazz. That was a huge part of my life. People knew me for my country music, so I was relieved and excited when it was so well received. I thought it would be a hit, but didn’t realize it would do this well. I would like to continue to be able to make these records and be a part of family traditions for many years.

Your self-titled album seems to be your most personal. Did you approach this one differently?

It was very personal; that’s why we went with the self-title. It was the next level of depth and who I am as an artist. It was a big stepping stone and inspired me for my next album.

Why did you decide to take a year off of social media?

Taking a whole year and going off the grid was a chance for me to focus on myself and my music. It has been a profound experience and way deeper than anything I had done before – not only for me personally, but musically. I would go to the beach with my dog, travel the world, go back home to Illinois and feel a certain way. I was known to be on social media a lot. It started to control my life. I want to be the best version of myself creatively and personally. It made me see the world the way it is meant to be seen. It has been really huge for me. At the end of the day, the things in your heart are most important and it’s all about how you give yourself in your shows and albums. If I didn’t take the time for myself, I can’t give all my energy to something else.

What do you have planned for 2020?

I am starting the year off in Europe in January and February and am so excited for that. I am lucky that I get to enjoy what I love to do in an amazing way.