Swizz Beatz & Kehinde Wiley To Lead Creative Minds Talks Conversation During Art Basel Miami Beach

On December 2nd, world-renowned contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley will join forces with visionary entrepreneur and award-winning musical icon Kasseem Dean (also known as Swizz Beatz) to lead a dynamic discussion on activism, philanthropy and today’s creative world, together with Creative Minds Talks. Taking place at Miami’s New World Center during Art Basel Miami Beach, the conversation will surely be one of its most memorable and compelling, bringing together two industry leaders to discuss important topics on a national and even on a global scale.

creative minds talks

“We are delighted to host two incredible artists and philanthropists, Kehinde Wiley and Swizz Beatz, at the upcoming installment of Creative Minds Talks during Art Basel Miami Beach,” began Ewa Poilleux, Founder and Producer of Creative Minds Talks. “Their work, values and drive to create opportunities for others aligns with our mission and is inspiring for all of us. I like to call them modern day Medicis.”

Kehinde Wiley is one of the most sought-after artists of our time. He recently made a historic debut in his “Rumors of War” sculpture in Times Square, though he gained global recognition for his official portrait of President Barack Obama. Earlier this year, Wiley launched a new artist in residence program called Black Rock Senegal—where Dean is actively involved with the program’s committee in selecting the first year of artists. This upcoming Creative Minds Talks will be Wiley’s first public conversation.

“Black Rock is about West Africa and it is about the world. The West African story is all of our stories: it is about aspiration, community, and tradition,” began Kehinde Wiley. “I founded Black Rock because I wanted to invite unique thinkers from across the world to join me in Dakar and become a part of this creative evolution. Art, in any form, is about dialogue. I am proud that Black Rock is doing the work to inform a new global discourse about what Africa means today.”

Entrepreneur Kasseem Dean/Swizz Beatz is one of the most celebrated musical artists of all time, successfully diversifying his career path within the fields of recording, DJing and producing. Most recently, Dean realized his passion for the arts in continuing to collect and launching The Dean Collection with his wife, Alicia Keys, contributing to the successes of a network of global artists. This cultural icon will bring his far-reaching perspectives and knowledge to the conversation between creatives.

Swizz BeatzPhoto Credit: Alex Teuscher

“Creatives hold the keys to the culture. We are a community constantly inspiring and challenging each other to do more,” he stated. “Kehinde is an artist that I have always admired who pushes beyond the limit of what is possible. It is my pleasure to be on stage with him and my hope is that our conversation will inspire the next generation of creatives.”

To be a part of this historic and inspiring conversation, click here to purchase tickets. Ticket holders will enjoy the conversation between creatives, as well as red carpet entry, a champagne reception and a VIP rooftop afterparty. Creative Minds Talks has partnered with the Perez Art Museum Miami and New World Symphony to bring this experience to life in the Magic City.

From Creative Minds Talks:

“Creative Minds Talks is a benefit platform that features the ‘art of storytelling’ and sits with the brightest minds in art, architecture, fashion, music, film, sports and philanthropy known for captivating, on-stage dialogue. As an entity dedicated to education through conversation, Creative Minds Talks curates purposeful talks for passionate crowds while aiming to engage, entertain and inspire. With strong philanthropic roots, Creative Minds Talks believes in giving back to the community and does so by making contributions to causes championed by its guest speakers, as well as investing in the next generation of leaders, by inviting local youth to share in these enriching experiences. For this exclusive Art Basel installment, Creative Minds Talks is underwriting 200 tickets for students and faculty to attend the event and meet Kehinde and Swizz, while all ticket proceeds will benefit Kehinde’s foundation, Black Rock – a new artist-in-residence program in Dakar, Senegal.”

For more information regarding full program or tickets, please visit: www.creativemindstalks.com.