Chefs Mario Carbone & Rich Torrisi Share Personal Running Tips & What to Eat Pre- & Post-Race

This weekend, more than 50,000 runners from all 50 states and around 129 countries will take part in a 26.2-mile marathon around New York City. The massive spectacle known as the TCS New York City Marathon is one of the most exhilarating events the city has seen, which often draws in a wave of spectators, both on the sideline and watching from the comfort of home. Two top New York City chefs from Major Food Group, Chef Mario Carbone and Chef Rich Torrisi, are veteran runners who are gearing up for the marathon. We sat down with them to discuss training tips, why they run and what they chow down on prior to the big event.

HL: How many marathons have you both participated in?

Mario: This year will be my fourth marathon.

Rich: This is my fifth.

HL: What inspires you to run the marathon?

Mario: I was first inspired by Chef Rich’s first marathon five years ago. Now, it is more about personal drive and determination.

Rich: For me, the marathon means being involved in an amazing NYC event that also keeps me honest regarding my physical health.

Courtesy of The New York City Marathon

HL: Can you share your training regimen with us?

Mario: During the year, I run 3-5 miles, five to six times a week and as marathon-time approaches, I do longer distances, with four days of rest.

Rich: I currently run 3-6 miles, five or six times a week. About three months before the race, I do one long run each week.

HL: What is the best training advice you gave to each other?

Mario: Rich helped me with my breathing tempo, as well as relaxing my breathing.

Rich: Mario taught me how to pace life. Whether it’s time management or balancing work and life, he is honestly the best at it.

Courtesy of The New York City Marathon

HL: You mentioned you carb-load prior to the marathon. What is your dish of choice?

Mario: I definitely treat myself to a bowl of pasta the night before, specifically Spaghetti Bolognese at Carbone.

Rich: I always carbo-load the night before with a big bowl of classic spaghetti.

HL: After running 26.2 miles you must be hungry. What is your go-to post-marathon meal?

Mario: It’s protein-heavy. A big steak, a glass of red wine and a celebratory cigar.

Rich: Carbone…we pig out! Some type of chops. I’m usually starving for giant cuts of protein.