Behind The Scenes At New York Fashion Week With Influencer Victoria Barbára

Victoria Barbára has amassed one million followers on Instagram by showcasing her modeling career, sharing healthy food and fitness tips, as well as her love of lavish, high-end fashion. By the end of 2019 she is set to launch her online blog which will expand on her love for luxury fashion, exotic travel destinations, offer even more wellness suggestions, and touch on anxiety and mental health.

Photo by Victoria Barbára.

Haute Living gets a behind the scenes look at how lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer Victoria Barbára does New York Fashion Week.

HL: As an influencer, what goes into prepping for NYFW?

The entire preparation process starts several months in advance and as every lady out there knows, you don’t find the perfect dress overnight. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and I have a great team behind me. They really help me bring my vision to life. From hair & makeup to accessories, it’s truly a collaborative effort.

HL:  During NYFW, what is your average day like?

In the mornings, I like to start my day by going to an early gym class. My favorite is Barry’s Bootcamp! Once I get home, I shower, make my magical beauty elixir smoothie, and then start the glam process.

When my glam is done, I get dressed and make my way to the shows. A tip for anyone attending more than one show, hydrate so that you don’t forget to drink water. The days go by so fast so it’s easy to forget.

HL:  What was your favorite show?

The Khaite show! Each look took my breath away and had me planning how I’d dress them on myself. Sitting front row was truly an honor. My closet is full of Khaite now!

Photo by Victoria Barbára.

HL: Do you have any favorite looks that you wore this fashion week? 

So far my favorite look to date would have to be the white dress from The Row. I paired it with a new Bottega Veneta pouch bag and I have honestly never felt more empowered wearing so much clothing. Such a fun look that I would love to recreate!

Photo by Victoria Barbára.