Aerin Lauder Offers A Sneak Peek At Her New Fall Collection & Reveals The Most Important Things Estee Taught Her

After working for more than 20 years in the family business (her grandmother is famed beauty legend Estee Lauder), Aerin Lauder decided to venture out on her own. The result? A luxury lifestyle brand called AERIN that features everything from fashion, beauty and home decor to entertaining pieces, lighting concepts and her collaborations with other designers and brands.

With a passion for art, travel, fashion, and design, Aerin Lauder’s own lifestyle serves as a focal point of inspiration for the brand. We caught up recently with her to chat about her new fall collection, where her creativity comes from and the most important things she learned from Estee.

Photo Credit: UpSpring PR

Tell us about some of your favorite pieces from AERIN’s fall collection. 

This fall we are introducing our new Classic Shagreen Bar Box, which I love. It is a beautiful hostess gift and includes all of the perfect bar essentials. It looks great in any space and creates an instant cocktail party. Our cashmere throws are new this season as well and are available in three neutral colors. They are the best cozy accessory.

Limone di Sicilia, AERIN Beauty’s newest fragrance, is also launching this season. The fragrance is an incredible blend of citrus and floral, inspired by the scents of Sicily. It’s so refreshing and immediately transports you to the most vibrant Italian destination.

Can you offer some helpful tips when it comes to entertaining?  Any must-have pieces, hostess gifts, etc.?

My grandmother taught me to make sure guests always feel comfortable, which I still believe is one of the most important elements of hosting. Guests always have more fun if they are relaxed and immediately feel comfortable. One way I like to do this is by including an element of surprise such as beautiful serving bowls with candy or gourmet potato chips on a tray. I will also place flowers, a crystal carafe, glasses and my favorite spirits. Using a tray quickly becomes a portable bar space that can move with your guests. This way guests are able to snack while they pour themselves a drink. It’s elegant and relaxed. I also love bringing together friends and family of all ages. It keeps entertaining fun for everyone with interesting conversation and a dynamic guest list.

How is your own personal style reflected in AERIN?

I would describe my personal style as timeless and classic with a twist. I think that sensibility is very much reflected in the AERIN brand. All of our products are items that I love and see a need for in my own home. Our line is modern and feminine, yet elegant and can truly enhance any space.


You were very close with your grandmother before her passing 15 years ago. What are some of the most important things she taught you that stay with you to this day?

Estee always said “For everything you do, do it well and do it with passion!” I think that’s something I think about when I wake up every day. She taught me the importance of loving what you do and working hard. This philosophy is very important to me and I try to instill this in my children.

Estee also used to say that everything can be beautiful if you take the time. The AERIN brand is all about effortless beauty and effortless style. We offer all of these different elements that make your life and your home more beautiful. Whether it’s a picture frame, a vase or a makeup bag, I learned that style goes far beyond a woman’s wardrobe.

In terms of fashion, who has inspired you most along the way? 

I was always very inspired by Estee and her amazing style. Day or night, Estee’s style was iconic and elegant. She would wear beautiful clothing with one great piece of jewelry. She truly believed that less is more and that idea is very much implemented in my style.

Instagram has also become a major source of inspiration for me. I love being able to learn and find inspiration from so many different people around the world. I am constantly scrolling through Instagram for the latest trends in fashion, food and travel.

Where does your creativity for your line come from today?

I am an extremely visual person, which definitely influences my creativity. The AERIN brand, in both beauty and home, is very much inspired by travel. Whenever I visit a new place, I am intrigued by the people and the culture. I am always taking photos and bringing back souvenirs in order to incorporate these discoveries into my own products.

Can you tell us a little bit about your own beauty routine?

My grandmother always said “You only have one face – take care of it,” which is why skincare has always been so important to me. I try to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water. I adore Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and I have been using it for as long as I can remember. It gives my skin a healthy glow. I don’t think you need dozens of products or a complicated routine, but a few essentials always keep my skin looking fresh. My look is very natural with foundation, bronzer and mascara. I also carry AERIN Rose Lip Conditioner, which is a universal nude shade that works alone or adds an extra polished look over any lipstick. It has a beautiful light rose scent and is super moisturizing.

What are some of your essential beauty products?

I love Double Wear Light Foundation and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer. When my skin needs extra hydration, I use Crème de la Mer. I also love having a wardrobe of fragrances, but AERIN Rose de Grasse is my favorite.