Devon Windsor Launches Swimwear Line, Dishes On Insecurities + How To Have Body Confidence

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

Devon Windsor doesn’t just look good in a bathing suit: She’s now designing them, too. The Victoria’s Secret model debuted her inaugural, eponymous swimwear collection this month—30 different styles ranging from full-pieces, bikinis, and cover-up options, all perfect for summer. Finding it difficult to find a swimwear line that met all of her cravings of having a swimsuit that created “a look” rather than just a classic, go-to bikini, the 25-year-old model set out to fill the gap in the marketplace for wearable statement swimwear. With the launch of Devon Windsor now women craving more in their swimwear can find those pieces with a little something extra to make them feel confident and different. With the help of her fiancé Jonathan Barbara, Co-Creative Director and CEO of womenswear line Alexis, she finally can share her curated aesthetic with the world. Here, we chatted with the 5″11 stunner about her new line, body confidence, how even a supermodel can sometimes feel insecure and what’s next for the indomitable Devon Windsor.
Devon Windsor Photo Credit: Guy Aroch

How has your background as a model helped shape the line?

Having the opportunity to experience and work first hand with so many talented and inspirational people is all thanks to my work as a model. I have gotten to see a small peek into the design process, the photoshoot process, and the showroom process which made me so excited to start my own brand. Being exposed to such a variety of brands through my job also really helped open my eyes to what I felt was missing in the market and helped guide what I wanted to do with my brand.

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

Where did you pull inspiration from when designing the line?

I found a lot of my inspiration through vintage pieces and older editorials. I loved the shapes, silhouettes and how detailed they were. I wanted to modernize those looks into pieces that had more than your average bikini by incorporating unique cuts, details and hardware.

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

What has been your favorite part of the process of creating your brand, and what sets your brand apart?

My favorite part of having my own line is being able to show the world a reflection of who I am and create a collection that represents that. I love playing with color and statement pieces in my everyday wardrobe, so wanted that to come through in my brand. I created pieces that are more stylized than your everyday bikini which is what sets Devon Windsor apart from other lines. Silhouettes you see here, won’t be like anything you have seen!Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

You’re a model and thus going to look amazing in a bathing suit. You say this line is for everyone. Can you explain how, and which pieces are for specific body types?

I made sure that my first collection had a variety of different styles so that it really could be for everyone. We have over 30 different styles, all ranging from fuller coverage, to very skimpy. We made sure that you can mix and match different tops and bottoms, which is great for different body types as you can choose exactly what you want to accentuate. We have more full coverage bottoms, like the Chloe, vs. a style like the Hannah which is great for a girl who wants to accentuate her booty. The Skylar is our twist on a classic bandeau top which is great for smaller chested girls, while the Alexina has more support and is great for a woman with a fuller bust. And of course we have a fun selection of full pieces for anyone that prefers a little bit more coverage.

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

On that note, as women, we all have some insecurities (some being wearing a bathing suit!). Do you have them? What are they if so? How do you try to conquer them?

We all have insecurities! My whole life I have been insecure about my height, my weight, my big feet, all things I didn’t have much control over due to my genetics. I conquered these insecurities by getting to a point where I accepted that they’re what make me, me. You have to own them!

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch


Which of your friends have been the most supportive of your venture, and how?

Honestly all of my friends have been an amazing source of support! I knew the few that would for sure be there, sharing it with the world, but I’ve been so shocked by the overwhelming support. Almost every single one of my friends has spread the word!! I am so grateful.

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

What can we expect in the future from Devon Windsor?

I am continuing to evolve the brand and so excited for what’s coming up. I want to be sure to listen and get feedback from the women who are buying and wearing the collection so that my customer can help shape future collections. I’m still learning who my girl is – what styles and colors she gravitates towards! We’re already working on our resort collection, I can’t wait for everyone to see!

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

Do you have any fun summer trips planned to show off your swimwear? Where if so?

Honestly, I have been insanely busy this summer launching this line as well as planning my wedding, all while balancing my modeling career— which hasn’t left a lot of time for vacation! I am going on a few mini trips throughout the summer and my bachelorette in August!

Devon WindsorPhoto Credit: Guy Aroch

What is your number one fashion hack? Beauty hack?

For fashion, when in doubt, wear black. For beauty, less is more!