6 Must Try Omakase Experiences In NYC

When it comes to sushi, New York is one of the best cities to indulge in the fine art, and more importantly the omakase experience. Around every corner, you’ll find a sushi restaurant, but it’s the hidden ones that are the best. From high-end sushi to sushi speakeasies, here are six omakase experiences you need to try this summer.

Kappo Masa

Courtesy Kappo Masa

No omakase list would be complete without the legendary chef Masayoshi Takayama, the man behind Masa and Kappo Masa. Together with longtime friend and art dealer Larry Gagosian, Kappo Masa is a realization of their desire to collaborate creatively, creating a sophisticated dining experience. This elevated experience highlights the inherent flavor of each ingredient served on dishware specifically designed by Masa for each preparation. Diners can opt-in for an 8-course chef’s tasting menu starting at $250/person or the sushi omakase with 15-18 nigiri pieces starting at $175/person.

Sushi Nakazawa

Photo Credit: Evan Sung

Chef Daisuke Nakazawa serves a twenty-course meal with ingredients sourced both domestically and internationally. Although the omakase menu changes daily, expect to see items such as scallop, Spanish mackerel, Japanese sea urchin and bigfin reef squid. As for the restaurant, Sushi Nakazawa offers a relaxed dining experience with high back leather chairs with a front row seat to the movement behind the bar. Whether you’re an Edomae novice or self-proclaimed sushi lover, you will leave with a feeling of euphoria. Prices start at $150/person at the bar and $120/person in the dining room.



Courtesy Shuko

Shuko is a high-end Japanese restaurant tucked away just south of Union Square in New York City. The restaurant offers two daily tasting menus from Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau based on traditional Japanese flavors and techniques from the kitchen and sushi bar. The menu reflects the best fish selections and seasonal ingredients sourced both locally as well as internationally. Diners can choose between sushi omakase, which starts at $180/person and sushi kaiseki at $225/person. The kaiseki offering includes a multi-course menu of composed dishes and the sushi progression, which allows the chefs to showcase their French culinary training.

Omakase Room by Tatsu

Courtesy Omakase Room by Tatsu

This subterranean 8-seat omakase room in the West Village is a cut above the rest with prices starting at $145/person. Helmed by third generation chef, Tatsuya Sekiguchi, Omakase Room by Tatsu is hailed for its divine sushi experience. You will indulge in 18 nigiri bites followed by maki and a hand roll all the while immersing yourself in a simple, sleek atmosphere, with little distraction. Limited seating allows for an intimate dining experience, making the food the hero of the show, which is the quintessential idea of omakase. After all, it means “leave to you.”

Sushi Ishikawa

Courtesy Sushi Ishikawa

Chef Don Pham brings innovative omakase to Manhattans Upper East Side at Sushi Ishikawa. After working in the city’s sushi scene for nearly two decades and honing his skills, Pham serves two menus: 12-courses for $85/person and 15-courses for $125/person. Expect to go beyond raw fish and dive into the likes of black abalone with mushroom soup, hairy crab and octopus with green-tea salt.

Zauo NY

Courtesy Zauo NY

If you’re looking for a unique omakase experience, try a hidden omakase bar. Zauo NY, which is renowned for its fishing fish tanks, also holds a secret room. The eight-seat sushi counter, which is hidden within wooden frame-walls offers guests the chance to savor a 20-course meal, consisting of 15 pieces of nigiri and 5 small dishes, including black sesame ice cream for dessert.