The Peninsula Hotels Offers New Immersive Art Experience

Earthtime 1.26 sculpture by Janet Echelman at the Peninsula Hong Kong

Photo Credit: The Peninsula Hotels

Traveling is fun, especially when it is to a place that is rich with culture and amazing art weaved into the city. If Hong Kong is on your radar, you’re going to want to make your way to The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong as they recently announced its new program “Art in Resonance.” ‘Art in Resonance’ is an immersive contemporary art experience that engages all of the senses.

This program is something you won’t find anywhere else. The Peninsula Hotels teamed up with curators Isolde Brielmaier and Bettina Prentice to commission work from artists who are pushing the boundaries of their mediums and engaging the senses in their pieces. “As a global luxury hotel brand with a 90-year legacy, we understand the important place that art holds for humanity – it’s an inclusive, universal language that crosses borders and builds connections,” states Peter Borer, Chief Operating Officer, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, owner and operator of The Peninsula Hotels. “Our great hope is that this multi-year program will engage guests and the local public in a way that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

Ivan Navarro’s art piece Home located outside The Verandah at The Peninsula Hong Kong

What’s great about this program is that guests have plenty of time to experience it. ‘Art in Resonance’ will be on view at The Peninsula Hong Kong from March 26th until June 21st. Some of the artists and pieces on display are Janet Echelman, whose artwork floats above the historic forecourt of the hotel; Timothy Paul Myers, whose inspired piece, in the hotel’s lobby, aims to activate personal memories; Iván Navarro, whose interplay of space and light encourages viewers to reimagine the concept of home; an intriguing architectural space, designed by Zhi-gang Lu and teams at MINAX and Minaxdo, offers visitors a unique private dining venue.

“We not only want to provide artists with a platform to exhibit, but we want to commission original pieces to support working artists and ensure the health of the cultural ecosystem within each of the hotels’ local communities,” Borer expresses. “To that end, we will have robust programming around ‘Art in Resonance’ at each hotel that includes artist talks, studio visits and panel discussions with leading artists, creatives and thinkers.”

Timothy Paul Myers’ art piece Alizarin at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Since its beginning, The Peninsula Hotels has pledged to promote the diverse aspects of the cities where the hotels are placed. Hosting local artists in its ‘Artist in Residence’ program helps connect guests to culturally-representative pieces. What’s amazing about this program is it will travel to other cities where The Peninsula Hotels have a current location and will make its way to future Peninsula Hotels locations. A portion of the art pieces from Hong Kong will make their way to The Peninsula Paris this Fall, where newly commissioned exhibitions from local artists will also partake.