Zumbly Revolutionizes The Real Estate Game

ZumblyPhoto Credit: Zumbly

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd and Madison Nagle 

As the real estate market shifts amidst a new wave of technological disruption, platforms like Airbnb and more recently, Zumbly, provide financial and investment opportunity for consumers. What originally started as a tool for investors, Zumbly now paves the way for property sales and income generation, predominantly with Millennials and Gen Z.

This cutting-edge program created by Founder Jeb Carty is currently running a beta in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas and plans to expand to new markets, both nationally and globally, in the upcoming quarter. Zumbly stands tall amongst rival websites as it is the first program to provide consumers with the opportunity to find the best returning long and short-term investment properties.

ZumblyPhoto Credit: Zumbly

Zumbly promotes an innovative real estate environment as it offers a search engine to find homes that build wealth, not debt. Zumbly Home Score, similar to “zestimates” on Zillow, serves as the foundation of the company’s framework. The score takes every property for sale and shows you what it would rent for long-term (a traditional one-year lease) or short-term (for example, on a platform like Airbnb), then subtracts the properties’ unique hard costs and generates a net income. This simplified process allows consumers to remove the time and effort that goes into deciding if a property will be a financially sound investment.

Offering both free and paid services, Zumbly provides a unique approach to the market as it permits consumers to view the entire market at scale. The site provides consumers with free calculations and Zumbly Home Scores, but those seeking further information can pay for the “Investor View” which offers additional features including finding properties with the highest price-to-rent ratio and gross rent multipliers.

As Zumbly grows, the mission stays consistent. The company strives to provide a platform where consumers can find homes they love, that will simultaneously generate positive returns that can be used to heighten this generation’s “American Dream.” Zumbly aims to help consumers make money on their properties – money that can be spent to travel the world, pay off student debt, or simply build a savings account.