Luxury Scenting Company Aroma360 Opens First Showroom In Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood

Aroma360Photo Credit: Aroma360

Luxury scenting company Aroma360, founded by Farah Abassi, is winning over hotel and homeowners throughout the country with its unique sensory branding. Currently, Aroma360 curates custom scents for top hotels, restaurants, luxury homes and more, creating a beautiful and fresh atmosphere with its unique sensing methods. Now, the brand is opening its first-ever brick and mortar showroom in the beloved Wynwood neighborhood in Miami.

Abassi became an oils and scenting aficionado from the young age of 15 where she worked at a scenting boutique in her hometown mall in Vancouver. She learned the ins and outs of creating scents through essential oils, the smells and feelings that each evokes and how to create one-of-a-kind batches. In what is more formerly known as Aromachology – the study of the ability of scent to influence mood and behavior through subtle, but significant, impact on human emotions – Abassi became an expert. After heading to college and corporate life and finding herself restless, Abassi picked back up her passion and developed her own luxury scenting brand, Aroma360.

Aroma360Photo Credit: Aroma360Since its inception, Abassi’s unique products have been met with high acclaim. The brand boasts clients like Ferrari, W South Beach, Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantis Paradise Island, Luxury Living, Palazzo Del Sol, Montage Beverly Hills, Ritz-Carlton spa, and so many more. Currently, her private home scenting business is thriving as well, as consumers can actually develop their own signature branded line of scents for their private residences, creating the ultimate bespoke luxury living experience. 

The showroom is a major step for Aroma360’s brand expansion, as consumers can now go into the gorgeous store in the heart of the trendy Wynwood neighborhood and browse through scents, smelling each one and getting a personalized one-on-one interaction with brand experts to choose the perfect aroma and scenting method for their personal spaces.

Aroma360Photo Credit: Aroma360

Aroma360 utilizes innovative technology to transfer scents through different areas. Guests can learn more about the cold-air diffusion technique, which utilizes HVAC home and business scenting systems. Top products include the Museum360, VanGogh360 and DaVinci360. Of course, the brand also carries an assortment of collection products such as reed diffusers, soap bars, candles and mini diffusing systems to complete the full experience, or for gifting purposes.

Each signature scent is composed of the finest raw materials and natural essential oils. The brand prides itself on its high-quality ingredients and blends that raise the bar for healthy and productive scent solutions based on the scientific study of scent and the neurological connection. Elements of Aroma360 fragrances include jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, cedar, and florals, to name a few.

“Opening our first showroom is one of the most special milestones in our brand’s lifetime,” shares Abassi. “I am so passionate about scent and its power to influence people in a positive way, so for people to be able to visit the showroom and experience the art of choosing a scent for their home or business is very exciting.”

Aroma360Photo Credit: Aroma360

The Showroom has been designed to reflect the brand’s core—clean, sleek and fresh luxury. Outside the shop, guests will view an expansive mural designed to highlight the essence of the brand, highlighted with Miami signature touches, such as its iconic skyline. Inside, the beautiful space features sleek grey furniture, chrome accents, crystal fixtures and a striking glass chandelier suspended directly above a meticulously-arranged floral display. And of course, the welcoming aromas of the delicious scents will be the full draw that brings guests in and makes them never want to leave.

Aroma360’s showroom is located at 2058 NW Miami CT, Miami FL, 33127 and open to the public Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Scheduling an appointment with a specialist prior to visiting the showroom is highly recommended for a truly customized experience. For more information, please visit or call ( 561 ) 206 – 0053.

Aroma360Photo Credit: Aroma360