A Look At Ellen Degeneres’s Jaw-Dropping Homes Across Southern California

DeGeneres’s $27 Million Tropical Oasis in Montecito, California

Ellen DeGeneres is one of Hollywood’s most successful and beloved household names. The talk show host has amassed a cult following due to her self-titled daytime show’s ability to offer viewers a family-friendly, politically aware, inclusive and entertaining tv show all in one. DeGeneres has ensured that through her platform she is able to help communities, charities, animal-rescue foundations and give a voice to those who may not feel heard. The daytime host has also explored and found success in other entertainment ventures such as being the voice behind one of Disney’s most iconic characters from the Finding Nemo series, her return to stand-up comedy with Netflix’s “Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable” and author of four New York Times bestsellers. In 2015, DeGeneres released an interior design book titled “Home” which gave readers a glimpse into the star’s passion for home design and real estate. The writer, producer and talk show host has amassed one of the best real estate portfolios in the country with properties in some of Southern California’s most luxurious and exclusive zip codes.

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