Nataliya Cola Shares Her Haute Guide to Monaco


Nataliya Cola is an arts academic and prolific international media contributor dedicated to the study of art culture, philosophy and religion. Haute Living caught up with Nataliya for a haute look at the best places to dine and the lifestyle offered in Monaco.

On Monaco…The residential crowd is cozy, to say the least; very small residential community of roughly 2 square kilometers. However, within those kilometers lies over $90bn Euros in cash, the highest concentration of wealth in the world. And so we see a strong collection community, disproportionately art-centric collectors and each resident seemingly committed to luxury living.

The community vibe is..Surprisingly quiet.  Monaco is safe, a great place to raise a family.

The lifestyle offered is …Sophisticated, relaxed, a largely social culture of yacht clubs, private sports clubs, however underneath lies the core of the fiscal ‘hustler’, never satisfied, in constant competition.

The best spot to dine fancy is

Robuchon at the Metropole, The Grille, Cipriani, to name a few.

The best spot to find entertainment is…

The Sporting club and specifically during the last week of September.

The best place to take in local culture is

From the days of the Pirate Grimaldi, the question is, has local culture maintained in Monaco? Yes, there is the Castle of the Prince, with guided tours held during the peak of tourist season in the summer. However, Monaco’s history has evolved to today encapsulate, romance, exotic vacation destination and of course, a refined world view defined in part by a distinct culture most appreciative of the arts.