How Sashin Govender Became One Of The Most Prominent Social Media Influencers

24-year-old Sashin Govender, a social media influencer and one of the youngest business leaders in today’s industry.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Sashin Govender

The boom of social media revolutionized the business industry overnight and industry leaders began to emphasize the importance of unapologetically thinking outside the box. Sashin Govender, 24 Years Old, has grown his business from the ground up to over 90,000 plus affiliate marketers and over $3 million per month in membership fees, and he did it by turning the world of social media into his greatest weapon.

Now, Sashin Govender has built a brand called The Millionaire Student which has become one of social media’s most prominent and inspiring business platforms. He boasts a loyal following of 300,000 plus individuals on his social media who are looking for ways to improve their current business models or begin a new business venture. Govender aims to teach other like-minded individuals the How-To’s of becoming a digital age leader through Personal Brand Development, Sales, E-commerce, Online mentorship and more.

As an International Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach and Life Coach, Govender lives his life with a “Work Like You Broke” philosophy that allows him to constantly strive for greatness. Something he knows will inspire others to unapologetically strive for their own success.

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