5 Questions With Hamptons Entrepreneur Richie Hosein As He Opens Red Rabbit Club In NYC

IMG_1444Photo Credit: Richie Hosein

Richie Hosein and 408 Members, LLC are bringing New York‘s latest exclusive nightclub, Red Rabbit Club to the Meatpacking District. The official grand opening will take place this Saturday, October 6 at 408 West 15th Street with 50 Cent performing.

The 4,500 square foot luxury nightlife venue took over the space where the former Gilded Lily was previously. A full renovation went underway, designed to artfully merge progressive technology with extravagant design to indulge guests in a truly immersive nightlife experience. 

We caught up with Hamptons entrepreneur Richie Hosein in anticipation of Red Rabbit Club’s grand opening.

1. What are you looking forward to most with this project?

My goal is to continue to elevate the standards of excellence for nightlife and create exceptional experiences for our guests. Anytime you get a chance to be on a big stage it’s extremely exciting, NYC is one of if not the biggest stage in the world. We have built an all star team that has done an amazing job getting the venue ready for launch and our team is excited to deliver.

2. What do you think the city/neighborhood’s reaction to Red Rabbit Club will be?

At this point our number one goal is to create an amazing experience and deliver an amazing product. If we do this I feel the reaction will be extremely positive.

IMG_1392Photo Credit: Richie Hosein

3. What type of clientele are you looking to attract?

The quality of our product will determine who we will attract. Red Rabbit Club is raising the bar in terms of not just luxury, but a multifaceted club going experience overall, designed to engage all senses

4. What do you think the biggest difference will be to running a club in NYC verses the Hamptons?

Hamptons has always attracted the influencers, socialites, fashionistas, and celebrities. NYC I feel mimics this exactly. The biggest difference is that The Hamptons is seasonal and NYC does not stop. We are extremely excited for this challenge.

5. What do you think of the current club scene in NYC?

I think the owners of NYC nightlife have done an amazing job building NYC to deliver what we are known for as “The city that never sleeps”. We plan on adding to NYC’s amazing nightlife lineup with our own unique offering by creating a fresh and exciting experience for our guests.