Fashion Designer Jill Stuart Launches Her Cult Beauty Line In America And Shares Why It’s Destined For Greatness In The U.S.


Photo Credit: Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart as a fashion designer is known for a girly-modern aesthetic and her passion for supporting women around the world. For the designer’s latest fashion collection, she went back to her roots and created feminine but wearable pieces, which were described as “fresh and fun.” Now, she’s taking that fresh and fun aesthetic and applying it to her latest chic endeavor: a beauty collection, Jill Stuart Beauty, which recently made its American debut after quickly becoming a cult favorite in Japan, where the line—which includes jelly eye colors, a mixed blush palette and 25 buildable lip colors—is produced. We chatted with Stuart about realizing her beauty dreams and why her line is going to achieve cult status in the States quicker than you can say “fashionable.”

Mix Blush
Mix Blush Palette

Tell us about the decision to launch your own makeup collection. Is this a dream come true?

It’s a big dream come true! It’s so exciting to express fashion and cosmetics together – mixing and matching different colors and textures to express yourself.

Was there a product out there that you really wanted, couldn’t find, and decided to make yourself? What was it if so?

Overall, I really wanted to create a makeup line that was rich in color and made with high quality formulas. It was created to be expressive and also practical.

Do you have a favorite product, or a hero product? What is it, and why is it so awesome?

My favorite product is Lip Blossom lipstick because I love a soft lip with a touch of gloss. It also has a built-in mirror in the cap, which makes it easy to apply on the go.

Lip Blossom

Photo Credit: Jill Stuart

What sets your line apart?

The high quality formulas that create the perfect glow – many of the products are infused with lavender, rosemary, avocado and almond oils, which help to moisturize the skin while providing long-lasting color. Also, the decorative packaging – it was inspired by my love for collecting antique cosmetic products.

The collection doesn’t seem to have foundations or concealers. Is there a plan to launch those in the future?

We have a foundation and concealer in Asia. In the future, I hope to expand the assortment and launch base makeup in the US.

Jelly Eye Color

Photo Credit: Jill Stuart

You launched this line last year in Asia. Why did you decide to roll it out there first instead of the US?

I’ve always been inspired by the style of women in Tokyo, which led me to produce my own cosmetics in Japan in 2005. I’m so happy to finally be able to share the line with people in the US.

How does your beauty line echo your fashion aesthetic?

Both my beauty and fashion collections are intrinsically feminine. I love it when women tell me how beautiful they feel when they were my designs, so I wanted to create this same feeling with beauty products.