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People are always asking for advice when it comes to all things gambling. Usually, it’s what team to bet on this week. ‘You got Patriots or Steelers?’ ‘Chicago or Detroit?’ Well, here’s something to know—there’s more to it than one might think. Where you’re betting at is just as important as who you’re betting on. So that’s why we always tell people to go to MyBookie has been in this business for years, and their reputation is rock solid. They do 100-percent cash bonuses, so off, the bat you’re making money for doing nothing. Sounds good, right? And they have the fastest payouts—seriously, it’s just two business days. Do you think you know who’s going to win this week’s game? Lay down some cash and win big today. We would only recommend a service to our closest friends that has been consistently good to us over the years. So check out MyBookie, and your chances will immediately increase as you enter the betting game. You win, they pay!! They have in-game live betting, the most rewarding player perks in the business and an all-new, mobile site that makes wagering on the go a breeze. That means you can take it anywhere, anytime. Join now and MYBookie will match your deposit with up to a 100-percent bonus.

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