Chiara Ferragni Weds Longtime Love Fedez In Sicily Wearing Custom Dior Designed By Maria Grazia Chiuri

One of fashion’s ‘it girls’ is officially off the market! Chiara Ferragni—the Instagram influencer with almost 15 million followers—said ‘I do’ with longtime love, Fedez, in a gorgeous ceremony with friends and family in Noto, Sicily. The stunning bride wore two different dresses, both of which were Dior custom creations designed by the house’s first female artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Her haute couture bridal gown was “inspired by the savoir-faire and crafts of Italy, while reflecting the bride’s radiant energy and modern character,” per the brand. It had a bustier with an attached skirt, which used 400 meters of fabric and over 1,600 hours of craftsmanship in the ateliers at 30 Avenue Montaigne. “Dior has always been one of my favorite brands,” began the bride in a video of her fitting with Vogue. “I love what Maria Grazia Chiuri does, so my dream was to get married in one of her creations.” The evening gown she later wore was truly magical. It was an ode to her and her husband Fedez’ relationship, which is why the tulle that was used was embroidered with words and motifs that represented key moments in the couple’s lives. For instance, there were symbols of the cities where they lived together, words from the song that her singer husband wrote for her called ‘Favorisca i Sentimenti’ and even a small lion for the couple’s son, Leone. In an exclusive interview, Ferragni discusses the gorgeous gowns and working with Chiuri.

What was your initial vision you had for the two custom-made haute couture gowns and how did you collaborate with Maria Grazia?

At the beginning I didn’t want a traditional wedding dress, I felt I wanted more of an evening dress,speci cally one that I loved from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s rst collection for Dior. After, I met with Maria Grazia who thought we could realize a modern yet classical wedding dress without losing my contemporary identity, and fusing the fact I am an young Italian woman getting married in Sicily.

Why did you want Maria Grazia Chiuri, and the house of Dior, to design your wedding dress and ball gown?

Maria Grazia is a wonderful designer, I have admired and worn her creations for Dior since her rst collection for the House. As a woman I feel like we have a great bond. We are women at different stages of our working and personal lives, but weboth share the same values and the same passion forempowering young girls. We’ve been supporting each other for a while now and we were both very excited when we met the rst time. Dior is the most iconic, timeless couture house in all the history of fashion. It is a symbol of French culture, handcraft and luxury, everything that I as a woman can dream of.

What was the experience like working with Maria Grazia? How often did you meet? How did you communicate during the process? Can you name one thing in the process which surprised you?

Maria Grazia and I had to meet several times, to decide the style of the dress as well as the material and then for the various ttings. The rst meeting was just the two of us, but each time somebody new was added as it had taken a whole team of people to produce my wedding and ball dress. It makes the experience an even more invaluable one when you meet the petites mains who will be working on your dress for days. I was amazed to discover how long it takes for the embroidery and how many times the couture atelier had to remake the skirt to get the shade of white just right.

What was the most important thing in terms of how you wanted to look in the dress coming down the aisle?

I wanted it to be simple but timeless, and romanticand feminine at the same time.

How did you feel when you saw the dress for the first time?

I was extremely excited. It’s a very special moment, and each time I went in for a tting it felt special because there had been changes. I cried like a small child.

Which details of your wedding dress and the ball gown match most like your personality? Why?

The focal point of the wedding dress is the corset. The ball gown is more daring and it is a symbol of Fedez’ and my love story.

If you were to make three hashtags for each gown, what would they be? Why?

For the wedding dress I would say #timeless, because it’s going to be a memorable day; #iconic,because it will be a celebration of love and it will feelspecial to have all my family and friends reunited for our wedding; and #precious, because I know all the work that has gone into the making of the dress. For the ball gown I would say #youthful, because even if we are taking a big decision, Fedez and I feel very young inside; #daring, because it plays with ideas of transparency and the color is almost like my own skin color; and #fun, because I’m going to wear it during the party.

Did you take charge of the whole process of organizing the wedding? Which are the most important details? Why? Do you have any advice to others who are also preparing for a wedding?

Not at all, I sought the help of the wedding plannerwho had also organized my 30th birthday party, which was a highly memorable weekend that ended up with Fedez proposing during his concert in the Arena in Verona. Organizing a wedding is much more complicated than I expected, all the details that you need to think of! The most important thing for me was to ensure that my guests would have a wonderful experience and enjoy the moment with us.

You have started out almost a decade ago as ablogger, then became a world-renowned in uencer,and are now CEO of your own company. Can you tell us more about your evolution over the years into a business woman, especially at such a young age?

It’s been a long process and I’ve channeled all my energy and time into achieving these results. I’ve always been a very focused person and when I started this career in 2009, I was guided by my passion for fashion, travel and photography. I was lucky enough to make a living out of it. It means that I work every single day and that I have no days off but it also means I get to have the job of my dreams because I get the chance to meet incredibly talented photographers, journalists, editors and artists, I travel the world and I can share it with my followers who are my greatest supporters. When I decided to become the CEO of my own company it was an important decision and responsibility but I am happy I did so because it has made me even more aware of what it means to be the head of a business. It really takes up a lot of time that I had previously spent on myself, but I love all the energy that I’m now getting from my team and my followers. I’m loving this journey and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

For more information, please visit the Dior website. All images courtesy of Dior.