Jouer Cosmetics Founder Christina Zilber Debuts New Rose Gold Collection And Shares Her Favorites

Christina Zilber of Jouer Cosmetics
Christina Zilber, founder and creative director of Jouer Cosmetics

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

The brand-new Rose Gold Collection by the Los Angeles-founded Jouer Cosmetics officially launches this week, available exclusively online. To celebrate its arrival, creative director and founder Christina Zilber invited industry insiders, local influencers and beauty mavens for a preview last week at the brand’s first-ever pop-up shop in a space on Melrose Place.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 90
Jouer Cosmetics’ brand-new Rose Gold Collection

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

Guests checked out the entire range of products at the pop-up over the weekend, especially the new Rose Gold Collection, which features a blush palette, powder highlighter, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow crayon, lip topper, liquid lipstick and lip gloss available in ultra-flattering shades.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 4

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

In particular, the Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette and the Rose Gold Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette — the latter featuring seven highly covetable matte shades and five attention-commanding metallics — had everyone proclaiming they were “obsessed.”

The Rose Gold Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette ($40) is a standout from the collection.

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

In addition to previewing all the rose gold glory, pop-up shoppers had the chance to meet Instagram star and friend of the brand JadeyWadey180 as well as purchase exclusive Jouer-branded apparel, pins, Trousseau Voyage and Pochette bags, and signature totes.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 87Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

Didn’t make it to the pop-up? Shop Jouer’s entire range of products plus the Rose Gold Collection online beginning August 28. The collection will also be available on Sephora’s website starting September 11.

Christine Zilber took some time out of running her beauty empire to share her favorite items from the new collection, the Jouer products she wears every day, details on how to take the rose gold look from day to night, and more.

As a metal and as a shade, rose gold continues to have its moment. Have you been a longtime fan?

Yes, I’ve always loved the timeless romantic gift of rose gold both in beauty and in fashion. I have a group of friends who gift me a piece of rose gold jewelry every year on my birthday. I’m spoiled for sure, but thrilled with my ever growing rose gold collection.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 13
Dual blush palettes by Jouer Cosmetics

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

When developing the Rose Gold Collection, what were you focused on achieving?

We wanted everyone to have an opportunity to experience the timeless luxury of Rose Gold through this Collection. The color inspirations were really a mix of the old world, gilded opulence of Venice Italy with it’s rich furnishings and gold filigree, metallic marbled papers and sparkling blown glass, and the clean, modern interpretations of Rose Gold in current home decor trends.  I’m formula obsessed and wanted to give the customer rich pigments for the most effortless experience to go from daytime pretty to nighttime glam.

Do you have a favorite item from the Rose Gold Collection?

It’s so hard to choose a favorite as I test, try and believe in every product we create. If you ask me right now, my answer is the pigment-packed rose gold inspired eyeshadow and blush palettes, but tomorrow it may be different.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 136
The Jouer Cosmetics pop-up shop

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

Which Rose Gold Collection products or shades would you recommend for a daytime, more natural look?

I err on the side of caution and wear more of a matte eyeshadow during the day and save my shimmers for the evening. With over seven matte shades in the eyeshadow palette, you have a number of great day shades to choose from. A little shimmer on the cheek and lip can look natural and pretty any time of the day.

Which Rose Gold Collection products or shades would you recommend to take that daytime face to a bolder nighttime look?

I’m obsessed with shimmer so we put five of the most amazing pigment-saturated shades in the eyeshadow palette for evenings out. I love a romantic smoky eye!

The Powder Highlighter features ultra-fine pearls and luminescent pigments.

Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

What are a few Jouer products you use every day?

I’m a major fan of all of our products but a few of my absolute must-haves are: The Essential High Coverage Foundation for a super lightweight but high coverage finish, Lip enhancer, a moisturizing lip balm I slather on every night, and the Jouer Lip Toppers are a must for a subtle, sparkling and glossy lip.

What do you feel sets Jouer apart among today’s beauty brands?

Jouer is a brand that believes in our diverse community and puts people and product first. We deliver a luxury experience to everyone in our community without burdening their pocketbook. We care about the quality of the products, infusing the highest quality skincare ingredients into our pigment rich shades.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 113Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics

Why was it important to you to offer your High Coverage Creme Foundation in 50 different shades?

We are an inclusive and diverse brand representing people from across all walks of life. With our audience top of mind, we knew it was a must-have for us to develop the most complete foundation shade ranges across skin tones.

Your skin care products include two fantastic treatment oils and we’re dying to know when we’ll see more skin care from you.

We are constantly working on new innovations and product offerings. I love surprises and I love skincare, so you’ll have to watch us closely on @jouercosmetics on social for updates.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 129Photo Credit: jouer Cosmetics

What are some of your favorite places in Los Angeles, whether to dine, unwind, shop or take in events?

A typical weekend for me is very casual and laid-back. I’ll go for a hike in Franklin Canyon with my dogs, head to brunch at Café Gratitude or Gracias Madre, take a walk along Melrose Place for a little shopping and then hit dinner in Malibu at Nobu.

Jouer Cosmetics Pop-Up 70Photo Credit: Jouer Cosmetics