Salvatore Ferragamo Reopens On Michigan Ave With Ample Celebrations

180301_SH23_686439_STOP_MOTION_-2_0067_v5_SquarePhoto Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo

Spring is here! Well, almost.

Don’t let the cloudy Chicago weather fool you.

Shopping season has arrived! And those cute sandals and denim jackets are waiting for you to throw on and stroll down Michigan Ave this season! Whether you’re hitting up the Water Tower Place or a a few neighborhood boutiques, it’s time to update your wardrobe. On your shopping adventure, be sure to stop by Salvatore Ferragamo on 645 North Michigan Avenue. This iconic boutique celebrated the reopening of Salvatore Ferragamo boutique last week on Michigan Avenue with a few special events, including: an Exclusive VIP Cocktail Party in support of The Board of Girls Support Girls charitable foundation, a pop up artist studio with fashion illustrator Kristine Steiner, and a pop up floral studio, #FlowerInvasion with floral designer Rishi Patel.

STUDIO BAG_B_01Photo Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo

This spring reviving events of Salvatore Ferragamo took into account an innovative gathering of clientele, beginning with the creatives who Salvatore originally designed for in the 1920s. The boutique presently has two limited styles of the Studio bag and there are only 95 in the world of each! These gems are accessible to Chicagoans first and foremost.

In this exciting reopening and for the first time ever, Salvatore Ferragamo will offer the Creations line for men and women to the Chicago market. These will be limited edition replicas of Salvatore’s original designs for golden age Hollywood elite. So ladies, don’t be afraid to drag your men on your shopping sprees!

Looking for hot products to try this summer? For men, try the Switch belt. For women, try the Flower Invasion accessories.STUDIO BAG_A_01Photo Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo

Wherever your shopping adventure takes you this season in Chicago, a new item (or three!) to your collection will make Spring a lot more brighter, especially if this cloudy non-Spring weather nonsense keeps up!