Rick Springfield Opens Up About His Latest Album And Battle With Depression

The days of “Jessie’s Girl” are long behind Rick Springfield, who became a household name emerging into the pop music scene back in the 80s. He has sold 25 million records, and written and performed 17 U.S. top 40 hits, including “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “An Affair of the Heart”, “I’ve Done Everything for You”, “Love Somebody”, and “Human Touch.” Springfield also received a Grammy award in 1981 for Best Male Rock Vocal No. 1 single, “Jessie’s Girl.”

After listening to his latest album, “The Snake King,” which was released earlier this year, it is clear his music has taken on a new direction. The bluesy songs are certainly a deviation from the singer/songwriter’s former pop self. “The blues songs are so much fun to play and they got such a reaction from the audience that I started thinking about including some of that vibe in my next album,” the native Australian said.

Springfield is currently on tour and will be performing at Twin River this weekend and Blue Ocean Music Hall on May 31.

Rick SpringfieldPhoto Credit: KMJ PR

We caught up recently with Springfield to discuss some of his biggest musical influences, his battle with depression and why he’s looking forward to returning to New England this month.

You have performed Katy Perry’s “Roar” in concert recently. What is your favorite song to perform live?

“Little Demon” and “The Voodoo House” are a lot of fun. There is a lot of fun stuff on my new album.

Who were some of your biggest influences when you were first starting out on your musical career?

The Beatles, Rodgers & Hammerstein, a lot of Broadway shows and early blues musicians.

Did you ever think “Jessie’s Girl” would receive the worldwide attention that it has?

No, not at all. I just thought it would be a pretty good album track.

You have openly discussed your lifelong battle with depression. When did you first become aware that it was a real problem?

I was 16 when I first tried to hang myself, so that was my first clue. It came back in the 80s because I found out what I thought what was going to fix me wasn’t actually going to fix me.

Can you offer any advice to someone struggling?

Sure, but everyone is different and struggling with different issues. The only thing I would say generally is talk to someone, go to group therapy and get some help.

You’re coming to New England this weekend. What can fans expect at this year’s shows? 

I play all of the hits and there will be a bunch of new songs as well. We have a killer band, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. If you don’t like loud music, bring ear plugs.

Any favorite places you like to check out when you are in town?

The people in cities like Boston make all the difference. That’s what I love most about traveling. Boston also has all of the great seafood restaurants, which are always a big search.