Micole Rivera Suárez Dishes On Her New Role As The Ritz-Carlton, Boston’s Chef De Cuisine

Micole Rivera Suárez is looking to mix things up here in Boston. Recently named Chef de Cuisine of Artisan Bistro and Avery Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, Rivera Suárez is taking diners on a culinary journey incorporating flavors of her native Puerto Rico. While she is  is “still not used to Boston weather,” she is heating up the kitchen with a taste of her travels around the world.

Traditional comfort fare is kicked up a notch with the infusion of bold, vibrant flavors. Some of her new dishes include:

Duck Confit: Leg & Thigh, White Bean Cassoulet, Housemade Sausage, Lemon Oil

1855 Filet Mignon: Grilled Local Beef, Roasted Sweet Peppers, Red Wine Jus

Roasted Ricotta Gnocchi: Hand Rolled, Wild Mushrooms, Basil, Tomato Coulis, Lemon Zest

Foley Family Farm Salmon: Wild Rice, Coconut Green Curry, Coriander, Burnt Lime

Micole Rivera SuarezPhoto Credit: Ritz-Carlton, Boston

We caught up with Rivera Suárez yesterday on what we can expect to see on her new menus, some of her must-have ingredients and why dinner should be special.

Tell us about the new menus.

I took up the position as restaurant chef in October of last year. Over the winter, we had dishes that were on the heavier side, including a cassoulet with house made bacon. I love making bacon. We made our own house made sausage for that dish as well. One of my favorite dishes now is also the best selling one on our spring menu – salmon with coconut green curry. It has flown off the shelves. That dish alone has lifted itself off the menu.

Why did you think the Ritz needed a change?

I think every place needs a change after a certain period of time. If you go to a lot of American restaurants nearby, you’ll see chowders and lobster rolls everywhere. You’ll see that at Artisan Bistro, including our Artisan burger, which is great for lunch, but I feel that dinner should be special and wanted to infuse where I came from, but with a New England flair.

Artisan BurgerPhoto Credit: Ritz-Carlton, Boston

Who has inspired you along your culinary career?

I think that has a lot to do with all of the chefs who trained me. They have pushed me to learn something new, to always travel and always explore. The banquet chef here has shown me what New England food is and pushes me to make the dishes my own.

What are some of your signature dishes and must-have ingredients?

For Dine Out, we made a mashed plantain mofongo, which was a great seller stuffed with duck confit and I made a shiitake stock. I like to educate my guests. I have traveled around the world and love Japanese culture. I like to use a lot of curries for Thai cuisine. Cilantro is life and from French cuisine, a must have is butter.

How would you describe your cooking style?

At this point, I would say pretty infused. I always try to make random flavors pair with each other.