A Napa Love Story With Patrick And Naomi Davila

Patrick and Naomi Davila
Patrick and Naomi Davila

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and to inspire you with the spirit of all things love, I reached out to my favorite Bay Area couples to find out how they keep the spark alive. Although you might not be familiar with the names Patrick and Naomi Davila, if you frequent Napa, you’re most likely acquainted with their work. Patrick, a sommelier, is the director of operations at Meadowood Napa Valley. His wife, Naomi, a native of Switzerland, made a name for herself in the valley as the cofounder of Kollar Chocolates. Together, the duo is one of wine country’s most stylish and influential couples.

The Davilas got married last April and hosted, arguably, the most epic wedding of the year. At a private estate on top of Pritchard Hill, the event included five distinct musical performances, sensational wines, star bartenders, and a who’s who guest list of Michelin-stared chefs, master somms, and local politicians. This year, the Davilas are working on another exciting project—they are expecting their first child! Here, in their own words, are more details about their food-filled and fabulous relationship.

The couple on their wedding day last April
The couple on their wedding day last April

How long have you been together?
Patrick Davila: We have been together for thee years.

Where did you meet:
PD: We met at Meadowood when we started working together on a chocolate project.

First date:
PD: We went to the CalAcademy Nightlife followed with sushi at Ebisu where the sushi chef asked us when we were going to get married.

The Davilas at a Warriors event
The Davilas at a Warriors event

When did you know you were in love?
PD: Officially on our six or seventh date when we pumped an air mattress and watched a meteor shower, un-officially before our first date.
Naomi Davila: I think my subconscious knew before we started dating when we hugged goodbye at my birthday party and didn’t let go and just felt a huge connection. I think I consciously knew that same night of the meteor shower.

Name the three best qualities about your partner:
PD: She’s kind, smart, and beautiful.
ND: Three is not enough! He’s kind, sweet, funny, thoughtful, smart, adventurous, hot!!!

Favorite thing to do together?
PD: Whatever we do, being together is my favorite thing.
ND: Just being together.

The couple in Hawaii
The couple in Hawaii

Go-to date night spots:
PD: We don’t usually go to the same places as we want to see new things, but if we do—Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC, State Bird Provisions in SF, and La Taberna in Napa.

Tell me about your last romantic vacation:
PD: Well, probably we would have to say our last time to Kauai, the crazy hiking and kayaking really showed that we can endure anything as long as we’re together

The Davilas are fixtures on the Napa scene
The Davilas are fixtures on the Napa scene

Who is the first to apologize after a fight?
ND: We don’t really fight, when we disagree we usually get over it pretty quickly and move on without any resentment.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?
PD: Just like every other day if the year: in love. We will probably cook in our new home and spend it just the two of us, and our little one on the way

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