Patent Pending Opens In Flatiron With Electrifying Cocktails


Flatiron is known for all things “corporate-cool”. From coffee drinkers to power-lunchers, the neighborhood is packed to the brim with office buildings and client meetings. What the neighborhood really needed was a happy hour bar that matched the vibe of the average workday. Luckily, Patent Pending is open and ready to address the needs of the working New Yorker from morning to night.

During the day, the space is only Patent Coffee, a coffee shop brewing up espressos, pourovers, and cold brew blends. The shop also sells pastries for anyone looking for an on-the-go bite to eat before that morning meeting.


At night though, the coffee shop’s back wall opens up to reveal a hidden cocktail bar, Patent Pending. The bar is lined with exposed brick walls and hanging light bulbs to create a sexy, chic vibe that makes any visitor feel “in the know.” The neighborhood is home to bars like The NoMad, Eleven Madison Park, and The Clocktower, sure, but Patent Pending has the perfect balance of being casual enough to drop in for drinks after work, with the luxe look that’s perfect for a date, too.

The coffee shop and bar are located in the Radio Wave Building, a historic site in the city that was once the home and laboratory of Nikola Tesla. In homage to Tesla’s inventions and scientific advancements, the bar’s cocktails are all charged with an electric theme, featuring names like AC/DC, Currents & Coils, and Light Me Up. The drinks menu is also printed in booklets that look like they were Tesla’s personal notebooks.


Beyond the charm of a secret door and dimmed lighting above the bar, the cocktails show a lot of skill and craftsmanship. The menu includes a range from spicy tequila drinks to warming whiskey cocktails, each one full of flavor and with as much complexity as Tesla’s inventions from over a century ago.

The duality of the bar and coffee house makes it a perfect fit for those working in the nearby area—a place to stop by before and after work. It’s a must-try for anyone who needs to recharge or unwind.


Patent Coffee and Patent Pending are both open at 49 West 27th Street.