PitCCh In Foundation Hosts “Carb Up” Dinner During Miami Marathon Weekend

Carb Up Dinner

The Miami Marathon weekend kicked off to a great start as CC and Amber Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation held their Carb Up Dinner on Friday, January 26th at Barsecco for their team members running in the race on Sunday, January 28th. Teammates and friends flew in from all over the country including NFL players from the Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants, Seattle Seahawks, and the 49ers – all to support the organization and kids within it.

The PitCCh In Foundation formed in 2008 having its first event in Cleveland by CC and Amber Sabathia to support the communities that have given them so much. With the support of CC’s mother, Margie Sabathia-Lanier, and a team of professional staff and volunteers, the foundation developed three programs and supported ongoing initiatives to fulfill their mission to enrich the lives of youth from the inner city. The goal of these programs is to help teens raise their self-esteem through educational and athletic activities.

Carb Up

“I’ve dealt with everything, from people in my family suddenly passing away to  drug addicts living in my house. There were many different things I had to deal with growing up.  Nevertheless, I always knew what my goals were– to stay focused and have a better life for myself,” said CC.

Each undertaking of the foundation is done with careful consideration and “hands-on” involvement. Amber Sabathia, the Foundation Executive Director, works to ensure that the end result of each project is fulfilling the promise of the mission to enrich lives of youth from the inner city. It is a place to which both she and her husband can relate, coming from struggling upbringings themselves.

Carb Up Dinner

“CC and I are both from the inner city,” Amber said. “Growing up, we felt there was that one special person who made a positive influence in our lives. We hope that we can be that one positive person in other people’s lives. We were given a gift and an opportunity to give back and to try to touch someone’s life and to make a difference. That’s why we started the PitCCh In Foundation.”