Boucherie Launches A New Location And A New Cookbook


The West Village is home to a wide range of cuisines including ramen shops, pizza places, brasseries, and burger joints. One gem of the neighborhood is the French restaurant Boucherie on South 7th Avenue. This hotspot has become a mainstay in recent years for its craftsmanship in the art of French cooking. Boucherie has such a high demand that the team has decided to launch their second location, at 225 Park Avenue in Gramercy, set to open February 14th.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the new space, Executive Chef Jerome Dihui unveiled a new cookbook, Joie De Vivre. The book features some of Boucherie’s most memorable recipes, as well as background on how the restaurant came to fruition. The book also delves into the influence of French culture and the historical context of the Belle Epoque movement in Paris.

boucherie 2

Similar to other French restaurants in the city, sitting down for dinner at Boucherie feels like being transported to the 11th arrondissement of Paris, with white tiles and posters along the wall that are as carefully painted as works in a museum. Between the wood chairs and white tablecloths, tufted leather booths and ceiling-high racks of wine, it’s never been easier to transport yourself to a Parisian getaway.

As is mentioned in the book, the Belle Epoque movement of Paris valued the fun and excitement of everyday life, and dinner at Boucherie is no exception. Waiters glide around tables to top off drinks and take orders with bright smiles and reverie for their work. Red wine flows into crystal glasses while hunks of lamb and beef are touted out from the kitchen.


The new location, just north of Union Square, is a great fit for those getting out of work from Midtown to the north, or coming from shopping in SoHo to the south. With the location next to the park, it gives the space additional accessibility from its proximity to the Union Square transit hub.

Dining at Boucherie has always felt more like a close friend’s dinner party than a formal French restaurant. And with its new location opening soon we’re excited for Chef Dihui to show more New Yorkers the joie de vivre.