5 Places To Watch Super Bowl LII In New York

With game day quickly approaching, it’s time to get your plans together so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Sure, you can have everyone over to your place to watch the game, but be prepared to spend the day wiping up spills, reheating Totino’s pizza pockets, and spending the next three days doing dishes. Forget about that. Make a better plan and head out of the house to watch the game. Here are some of our go-to bars to watch.

The Ainsworth


With a few outposts around the city, The Ainsworth is the perfect blend of sports bar and sophistication, with delicious food, tucked away spaces, and a great cocktail program. The bar is also featuring a great space to watch the game. The bars have also become a favorite of actual NFL players with Eli Manning hanging out regularly at the Chelsea location.

Location: 122 W. 26th Street

PHD Rooftop


This club by night is converting into the ultimate viewing party for Super Bowl Sunday. The bar will be open serving drinks, and while traditionally the booths are lined with the biggest partygoers in the city, this night will be filling the tables with football fans looking to cheer on their team.

Location: 355 W. 16th Street

Bar Moxy

exterior-moxy-nyc-times-square-rooftop.cr1116x745-0x967.1600x0Photo Credit: canusa.de

For those looking to make the most of the Super Bowl parties in the city, look no further than Bar Moxy. The party continues long after the game has ended, and the hotel above the bar offers rooms for anyone looking to really let loose in supporting their team.

Location: 485 7th Avenue

Happiest Hour

The+Happiest+Hour+Bar+West+Village+Manhattan+New+York2Photo Credit: behindthescenesnyc

Located in the West Village, Happiest Hour is the perfect local spot to head over to without having to commit to a trip to midtown. The menu is also featuring a wide range of game-day bites from macaroni and cheese bites, to jalapeno poppers, as well as more refined options like smoked fish and fennel. Don’t skip on the award winning cheeseburgers though.

Location: 121 W. 10th Street

The Pennsy


The Pennsy food hall is encouraging eating in support of your team, with separate offerings for Eagles and Patriots fans. Patriots fans can enjoy Sam ’76 beer, with Eagles fans drinking Lionshead Pilsners, both locally brewed. For all those indecisive about food for the day, the food hall is the perfect place to offer a wide range of dining options.

Location: 2 Pennsylvania Plaza