Vanessa Lachey Dishes On Her Holiday Traditions And Love Of Cars

62872-44Photo Credit: Scott Hirko

Vanessa Lachey was born to drive. The Top Chef, Jr. host  loves driving her Chrysler Pacifica so much, in fact, that she partnered with the auto brand to host a preview event for the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. We caught up with the TV personality, who dished on her love of cars and cooking, her holiday plans and traditions, and discovered what she really thinks about husband Nick Lachey‘s comeback solo career. 

62872-255Photo Credit: Scott Hirko

What makes Chrysler Pacifica the ultimate family vehicle?

It has everything I need as a mom on the go to make my life easier. My favorite features are the built-in vacuum which lets me clean up easily and efficiently as well as the easy third row access. Cam always wants to be in the back since he’s the “big brother” and it’s so easy for me to get him in and out with ease.

How do you use it in your everyday life and why is it a fit for your family?

We have three kids under 5. Which means three car seats, three separate messes and three different opinions on what to talk about or watch. The Chrysler Pacifica allows me to do all these things for my kids. We all know, happy kids happy mommy!

Where do you find yourself driving it most frequently around LA? 

Everywhere! It’s so easy for me even when the kids aren’t with me. When I’m running errands the door open sensors are amazing and the wireless technology in the car helps me as a mom on the go.

What are the greatest challenges of being a busy mom? How do you solve them?

Just time management. This car allows me time to do things on my way to and from school because we have the room and technology to keep the kids busy so I can be more efficient when I am out of the house. School picks ups can now be a stop in my day with the kids. We can also hit the grocery store, post office, or even get coffee and a snack all with ease and comfortability.

What do you love most about working with the kids of “Top Chef Jr.?”

I love how inspiring they are to me. I find their pure views on food and cooking to be so refreshing. They want it to taste good and make people happy. That’s why I started cooking in the first place. It reminds me of what I love about being in the kitchen. Also, when I see how resilient they are and how well they take constructive criticism to learn and be better, it’s a lesson to all of us. We can never stop learning!

Is your son Camden a burgeoning chef?

Actually, it’s my daughter Brooklyn. She wants to help me make EVERY meal! I love it! Cam sings and dances his way around the kitchen, haha! SO we have the best of both worlds!

Who’s the family cook at home—you or Nick? What’s your/his specialty?

I do all the cooking in the family. Nick cooks the kids breakfast because that’s his daddy time. But I make all our meals. Nicks favorite is a beef tangerine stir fry I do from scratch. it was the first meal I made in our new home once we got married. Now I make it at least once every other week. It’s a lot of prep and work, but so worth it.

What do you think about the return of 98 Degrees? Will the guys continue to put out future albums that are non-holiday related?

The guys have been back together for a few years now. When Camden was born they were on tour with New Kids on The Block and Boyz II Men in 2013, The Total Package Tour. They released another album and went on a few headlining tours after that. This tour is exciting because it’s the first HOLIDAY album since their first one 20 years ago. But Nick is working on his solo career and he just released his first single “Someone to Dance With.” I love his voice and hearing him sing so this is an exciting time for us.

What are your holiday plans?

Family, food and enjoying in ALL the festivities!

What are your holiday traditions?

We always decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and I love that. We kick the season off with a bang! Now with the kids it’s even more fun because we have stories to tell them and it’s fun to have them be a part of the process. They take pride in it and I love seeing their faces light up. We also do matching Jammies because it makes everything more fun, as the kids say “look, we’re the same” … our little family. ;-)