This Is The Sweater You Need For The Holidays



The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve, can be a trying time. You see old friends, relatives, cousins, and people you went to high school with you haven’t seen in ages. Sure, you want to be nice and say hi, but a part of you, and I’m not saying we’re proud of this, feels a certain sense of competition. For some that may mean being in better shape, being better dressed, having a degree from a certain school or anything in between. If you’re reading this and realizing we’re right, we have an ace in the hole for your holiday-party one-upping: Hillflint Sweaters.

penn state

We all love our college sweatshirt. It went everywhere, its been washed a thousand times, it’s a little tattered and loose around the neck, sure, but its as much a part of us as our left arm. While we’ll never replace that sweatshirt, these rivalry rendezvous around the holidays are no time to play games. Hillflint has created a line of expertly crafted college sweaters that note you went to this great school, while still looking great doing it in the winter weather. The sweaters, which come in a range of designs for tons of different colleges, are just subtle or boisterous enough to make the right mark for any occasion, whether thats seeing your high school girlfriend at the neighborhood bar, or tailgating for the big game. They’re a thick, close knit wool that doesn’t feel too loose or scratchy. It’s a sweater that says, “I look great, and, if you read my sweater, I’m smart as hell, too.”


Hillflint’s line ranges from schools like RISD to Harvard, from Michigan State University to NYU. They come in a range of the school’s colors to more traditional black and grey options, and feature lettering in collegiate fonts, a more simplistic logo or letter, and even pennant-style designs for the school. They’re also snug enough in fit that they can be worn as just a pullover sweater for the colder weekends, or with a collared shirt under it for a more cleaned up, preppy vibe. For anyone looking to look great this holiday season while still representing your school on the field, or your alma mater around the dinner table, Hillflint is a sure thing.