The Meatball Shop Chef Daniel Holzman Can Help This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season, stop cooking the same dried up turkey and make something great. For all those not culinarily inclined, don’t be afraid to ask for help on how best to baste your bird. Specifically, call legendary chef from New York’s The Meatball Shop, Chef Daniel Holzman.

This Thanksgiving, Holzman is launching the Hotbird Hotline, a texting service where Holzman himself will answer any cooking questions for home chefs this Thanksgiving. No question is too small or stupid and with his vast background in cooking, Holzman is the perfect man for the job on preparing the best feast for your guests this Thanksgiving. Simply send a text to 1-833-HOT-BIRD with your question to recieve a response!


The help line also comes on the heels of Holzman’s Project Foodie app launch, a comprehensive guide to recipes both for the holidays and everyday meals. The app is an easy to use, step by step guide to cooking for even the most novice of chefs, and according to Holzman was initially built to help explain to his brother, Eli, how to cook.

“Even with such a talented brother, I never learned how to cook,” admits Eli. “We stumbled on to the idea for Project Foodie together, because I wanted Daniel to teach me how to make my favorite roast salmon dish. Living on opposite coasts, he sent me a comprehensive video for me to cook-along to. We realized we had found a new way to easily share the love of cooking. Project Foodie is the on-ramp to your kitchen.”

“Before we created Project Foodie, recipes were only accessible to people who already knew how to cook,” comments Daniel. “Now, great recipes and the joy and rewards of home cooking are accessible to everyone. We are passionate about providing a new tool to allow the whole world to cook. Cooking should be easy and fun whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran looking to improve. We wanted to simplify the process and provide help along the way.”

Between the two of them, the Holzman brothers are seeing the Project Foodie app as the future of cookbooks, and they’re not wrong. While cookbooks may look pretty stacked up on the counter next to the blender, most recipe searches come from a range of online Google searches. To have a portable recipe book, accessible via users’ smartphones, will surely revolutionize the modern day chef’s cooking routine.