Haute 100 Update: Philip Levine’s Vision To Reshape Florida In Campaign For Governor


After serving as the Mayor of Miami Beach from 2013-2017, Philip Levine has decided to continue his political career by running for the Governor of Florida in 2018.

Levine has been very proactive this year on combatting Global Warming in Miami Beach with his appearance in the National Geographic documentary Before The Flood, where he discussed what Miami Beach is doing to prepare against rising sea levels in the Miami area.

In office, Levine pushed innovative solutions to amend flooding and sea-level rise in Miami Beach, including investing in cutting-edge pumps, installing new drainage systems and physically raising roads. Because of Levine, Miami Beach is now more resilient than ever, and is recognized as a role model for coastal cities around the world.

As Governor of Florida, Levine is looking to make Florida an international leader—not just in climate change and sea level rise—but also in solar and renewable energy. He believes it’s time to treat climate change seriously and protect Florida’s drinking water and environment.

To donate to support Philip Levine’s campaign for governor, click the link here.