Lust Haves: A Suitcase Built For New York Proportions


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As the holidays creep closer, more and more afternoons at work get spent daydreaming about that vacation to come or that trip home to the fireplace-heated family room. Getting around the world though from the city though can mean squeezing into New York sized boxes. While New Yorkers do it every day for apartments, office spaces, restaurant tables, and more, finding the box that comes with you, a suitcase, can be hard to find. Luckily, the Victorinox Lexicon XL is the perfect hard shell suitcase built for the job.

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This case is ready for any kind of terrain. After sending it through checked luggage, up hills, strapped to the roof of cars, and so much more, the hard shell has the perfect amount of give to it while still protecting anything inside. More importantly, in a test with our editors, the suitcase fits perfectly in the backseat of a taxi, in the space between seats on Amtrak, and is super light to pick up when transitioning between transports. The bag also has a wheel-along handle that, like most suitcases, can be stored in the back of the case and slide in and out with the push of a button. Unlike other suitcases though, the handles are equally distributed to the wide frame of the case, meaning that the bag never does a barrel roll and gets dragged along the flat side, whether coming off the curb or making tight turns in the airport. The case also has plenty of compartments and sections, a garment bag included, and two big alcoves so the bottoms of shoes are never touching that perfectly white oxford shirt.

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After putting this bag through all sorts of challenges, from checking it with weight limits at the airport, to fitting it in last-minute taxi cabs, real New Yorkers need to have an escape route when the city gets to be too much, and this is the bag to do it.