Celeb-Backed Beauty Brands To Try Right Now

Sure, beauty-obsessed celebrities can get their hands on practically any lotion or potion they want to boost their appearance—but when some stars can’t find the perfect fit, they set out to create their own. From “green”-minded to super-accessible, here are a few lines with star-power you probably didn’t know about (which is why the Kardashian beauty empire is noticeably absent).


The beauty brand: Flower Beauty
The celeb: Drew Barrymore
When you want to reach a large audience, who better to partner with than Walmart? That’s exactly what Barrymore did when she launched Flower Beauty in 2013, but she is all about quality. We hear Flower uses the same labs and manufacturing facilities as many prestige makeup brands, so you get luxury-grade products at a wallet-friendly price.



The beauty brand: Nuance
The celeb: Salma Hayek
Hayek doesn’t think haircare and makeup should be aspirational, which is why she has taken an inspirational approach to creating and expanding Nuance, which is available exclusively at CVS. With skincare, haircare, makeup and body products that have you covered from head to toe (while allowing you to stretch your beauty budget), the brand is big on bringing exotic ingredients from around the world to your corner drugstore.



The beauty brand: Circa Beauty
The celeb: Eva Mendes
Aside from a successful acting career and an extremely private relationship with Ryan Gosling (and two children), Mendes has made her mark on the beauty world with Circa. With an emphasis on classic and contemporary glamour with an Art Deco feel, these high-quality formulas come housed in fancy packaging—but you can only get them at Walgreens. Are you noticing a celebrity beauty trend here?


Honest Beauty

The brand: Honest Beauty
The celeb: Jessica Alba
Toeing the line between prestige and mass, Honest started as an eco-friendly household product line designed to help eliminate toxins from your home—so beauty was a natural next step (no pun intended). Including a full range of skincare and makeup, Alba is as hands-on as could be and has built Honest into a multi-billion-dollar behemoth.



The brand: Fenty Beauty
The celeb: Rihanna
One of the newest celeb-backed beauty brands on the block, Fenty Beauty made a tremendous splash when it launched this past September. But Rihanna didn’t just decide to slap her name on a few lipsticks and palettes… With 40 shades of foundation (one of the most robust ranges in the beauty biz), she has taken skin-tone inclusivity to a whole new level and the products are literally flying off the shelves.