New Veggie Forward Restaurant Villanelle Opens In Greenwich Village


The newest addition to Greenwich Village comes in the form of veggie centric restaurant Villanelle!

This vegetable-focused menu created by Executive Chef Nick Licata (previously Gotham Bar & Grill and Degustation) is comprised of the best produce in the tristate area, with complex and unexpected flavors at its core. Named after the 16th century Neapolitan style of melodic poetry, Villanelle evokes the intimacy of being in the countryside, in the middle of New York City.


Using fresh produce and ingredients from the Union Square Greenmarket highlights of the fall menu include:

· Broccoli Leaves – Grilled Broccoli, Lime Radish, Szechuan Peppercorn
· Macerated Brussels Sprouts – Cheddar, Cashews, Rye
· Dry Aged Beef Tartare – Crisp Savoy Cabbage, Roasted Broccoli Puree, Garum
· Crispy Octopus – Cauliflower, Green Curry, Mint

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We spoke with Chef Nick Licata to get his thoughts on the exciting opening of Villanelle:

What is your inspiration behind Villanelle’s menu?

Every dish is driven by the vegetables I’m able to find that morning at the Union Square Market. Our menus are mostly seasonal, but really change almost every day to account for what I’m able to find. At Villanelle, we put a heavy emphasis on ethically sourcing all of our ingredients from local purveyors, as the tristate area produces some of the most delicious ingredients and flavors. The fresher the ingredients, the more I’m able to play with textures and highlight flavors, providing a unique experience during every meal.

In your opinion, what makes Villanelle unique from other New York restaurants?

A lot of veggie-focused restaurants tend to serve dishes that mask or completely manipulate the natural flavor and texture of the vegetables. Many chefs add cream/butter to their menu items, but Villanelle prides itself making vegetables the star of each dish.

What is your favorite dish to eat and/or prepare?

Our Crisp Octopus is one of my favorites to eat and prepare. The crispy octopus skin is accompanied by an undercurrent of spices from our green curry sauce and refreshing mint flavors. Every season, this dish is reinvented with fresh ingredients to provide a similar balance in texture and flavor all year round.

Location: 15 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003