Leynia Hosts Exclusive Winemaker BBQ Dinner Series At The Delano

Jose Icardi Grilling LeyniaPhoto Credit: sbe

Miami’s Argentinian/Japanese hot spot, Leynia, located at the iconic Delano Hotel, has recently launched a new exclusive winemaker dinner series featuring a decadently paired dinner each week.

Last week, the spot launched its first dinner with a Veuve Clicquot fish barbecue taking place in a luxe-picnic style setting in the back area of the hotel nearby the pool. The dinner included a presentation of the fire-grilled meats, bubbly concoctions of fruit-infused Veuve Clicquot cocktails and a perfectly paired dinner with Veuve Clicquot wine and champagne with some of the spot’s famed bites as well as new menu selections from Chef Jose Icardi. The dinner was led by Gaelle Goosens, a member of the brand’s development team, who closed out the dinner with a celebratory champagne uncorking. The after party followed at the spot’s new, haute lounge, Doheny Room.

Choclo Empanadas leyniaPhoto Credit: sbe

This week, Leynia is offering two more dinner parties, and if you missed out last week, you’ll certainly want to secure your ticket for one of the two dinners this week. On Friday, October 20th, Leynia will be celebrating with the prestigious Dom Perignon champagne, which will feature a gourmet dinner including Lobster Ceviche with pickled coconut and ribeye with homemade chimichurri, priced at $195/person.

The following evening on October 21st, Honig Winery will close out the dinner series with a tasting dinner including savory bites like the Pulpo a la Parilla with grilled potato and smoked paprika sauce, live music and more, priced at $95/person.

To purchase your tickets and secure your seats, email delanoeats@sbe.com