Celebrate Zuma’s Seventh Anniversary With Lucky Cocktails

zuma miamiPhoto Credit: Zuma Miami

If you’re feeling lucky, you will have the power to create your luck at Zuma. The Japanese restaurant located in the heart of downtown Miami is celebrating their seventh anniversary honoring The Seven Lucky Gods of Japan in the essence of cocktails on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6p.m. Each of the seven lucky cocktails will embody the power and theology of the deities with different ingredients including authentic Asian fruits, sparkling sake, spices and liquor. The god of longevity has added Kombucha to the lucky cocktails due to its health benefits. Passion fruit has been added by the god of happiness to keep your life bittersweet, and the god of prosperity only knows how to bring success through whiskey.

bishamonten 1

Before sipping the delicious cocktail, the presentation of the decadent libations will astonish you in ancient hand-crafted and painted vessels that were constructed to personify each of the deities and their power. Bishamonten, the god of warriors, makes an impacting entrance dressed in armor and a helmet with a depicted hoop of fire. His presence is revealed as smoke rises from a bed of dry ice to establish his protection for warriors and fighters. Your first lucky sip will consist of the woody Creyente Mezcal, sweet minced apple and a drizzle of salted caramel to bring life to the house-infused yuzu tonic that resembles the strength of the protection and fortune that Bishamonten provides to his seekers.

Zuma MiamiWith nearly 20 years of worldwide bartending experience, the cultural creation was developed by Karol Asnaldi, Zuma bar manager. Asnaldi was born to trace the roots of Japanese culture, and with his passion, Ansaldi has now become a master in the creation of spirited beverages. “I wanted to create something that complemented the cuisine in a more mindful way while also reminding guests of the deeply rooted Japanese culture that inspired the brand,” Ansaldi said. “This culture is so important to the DNA of Zuma and we want to share more of that with our guests in a memorable way.”

Accompanying Bishamonten, the collection will showcase the following divinities for one year with prices ranging from $16 to $22:

  • Hotei, god of popularity
  • Jurojin, god of old age and elderly
  • Fukurokuju, god of wisdom and longevity
  • Benzaiten, goddess of the arts
  • Ebisu, god of business
  • Daikokuten, god of prosperity

Asnaldi already has clear vision of the next lucky cocktails to create, but for now, you can track #GetLuckyAtZuma for insights on how these gods put luck in your control.