The Best Chocolate To Devour In Honor Of National Chocolate Day

It makes everyone feel a little happier, its rich, indulgent, dark, milk, white, sweet, and romantic. Chocolate is a precious commodity to everybody, which is why National Chocolate Day on October 28th is the perfect time to get to your favorite chocolatier and pick up a box of the good stuff for your special someone (Read: Yourself.) While New York has some of the best chocolate shops in the world though, nothing beats the indulgent restaurant offering of a slice of chocolate cake, decadent mousse, or a classic sundae. Here are some of our recommendation on where to have the best chocolate to celebrate with.

Chocolate Cake – Strip House


In a bacchanal of chocolatey delight, this cake is as rich as it comes when dealing with chocolate. The cake is layer upon layer of  dark, creamy chocolate with a silky finish when it hits the mouth. Luckily, while its available in New York at the Strip House, it also ships anywhere and can be ordered at Neiman Marcus even. Now when you talk about “that incredible piece of cake you just have to try”, they actually can.

Location: 13 E 12th Street

The Chocolate – Loring Place

loring place


For only $12.00, this gigantic hostess cupcake comes as a perfect chocolatey vessel of rich, velvetty goodness. The plated piece looks like the hostess cupcakes that were in every brown bag in middle school lunch, but comes with a powerful punch of flavor that can’t be beat. Chef Dan Kluger has already been lauded for the success of Loring Place after a storied career in the New York restaurant scene. This chocolate dish is the latest added bonus.

Location: 21 W 8th Street

Hot Coacoa – The City Bakery


We’ve all had hot chocolate before. For most, its a powdered mix that tastes more like heated up chocolate milk sufficed with a few dainty marshmallows plopped into the coffee mug. Not so at City Bakery. A cup of the hot chocolate here is like a melted down chocolate bar, with a homemade marshmallow the size of your fist in the cup that it can almost be hard to drink around the marshmallow. It’s rich, its delicious, and you’re going to need to hit the gym after.

Location: 3 W 18th Street

Chocolate Chipotle Cake – Jack’s Wife Freda


While this dish can sometimes appear to be overly simple, one bite will tell you otherwise. This cake comes with a crumble o chocolate on the outside, a flood of fudge on the inside, and a soft center of chocolate perfect for anyone looking to stay healthy at Jack’s Wife Freda, but not too healthy, you know?

Location: 224 Lafayette Street

80% Dark Chocolate Souffle – Craft


Set in a copper pot, this dessert is all-business with the culinary team at Craft putting all their expertise into this souffle. While its not cheap, this menu item is the reason for going to Craft with a perfectly dark, luxurious chocolate taste bite after bite.

Location: 43 E 19th Street

Doux Supperclub – Chocolate Cocktail & Infused Chocolate Pairing

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 5.46.28 PM

This chocolate cocktail and infused chocolate pairing is the best way to ring in the special day of sweet treats with something to take a load off with at the end of the day. This boutique supperclub is a great locale to unwind and enjoy some great cocktails and premium entertainment. This chocolate cocktail has a silky feel with a warm chocolate finish thats a perfect choice to cap off National Chocolate Day.

Location: 59 W 21st Street