If You Like Mexican Food And Art, Then You Have To Try Tacos Huevos

tacos huevos mexican food restaurant las vegas haute living tita carraPhoto Credit: @tacoshuevos Instagram

Tacos Huevos is a new Mexican food spot, located between the arts district and The Stratosphere, that opened just three months ago in June. I have written about food a lot, and for the record I write about others things too like The Cosmopolitan’s remodeling project for 2018. And, when SZA performed at the Vinyl inside the Hard Rock. But, where there’s art, fresh ingredients, and tacos involved I. Will. Be. There.

Tacos Huevos believes Mexican food should also be a breakfast staple and not only a lunch and dinner meal.

They insist eggs and tacos go together like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. (But Frida and Diego always cheated on each other, so basically they’re endorsing we cheat on our diets for Mexican food…. Let the cheating revolution begin.)

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Their food is made with fresh, quality ingredients. Sorta like these farm-to-table restaurants in Las Vegas. Make sure you order their tacos. They seem to be pretty popular. Or, check out the rest of their menu

This is their chef and head manager. The chef not only has really great taste in flavor, but also watches. Check out his wrist.



The manager is also very hands on.




And so is this guy, but what is he making? Not sure if to believe Instagram caption of a wall treatment for the restaurant or if year 2037 beer keg.




And of course there’s mariachi because why wouldn’t there be?




What’s a Mexican breakfast without coffee? Here’s an entire station “para un cafecito.” Spanish for “for coffee,” and, “cito,” because it’s a Latin add on of affection thing. Here’s an entire thread about it on Reddit.




The answer is yes. Yes, there’s alcohol.




This what it looks like from the outside. You can find Tacos Huevos at The Arts Factory at 107 E. Charleston, Suite 105, Las Vegas, NV 89101.


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