Julien Farel Tells All On Haircare, Fall Trends, And His Thousand Dollar Haircut

French celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel is responsible for some of the most innovative hair styles and products to date. He is a master of the art and science of hair, leading him to create Julien Farel Anti-Aging Haircare. You can typically find Farel at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, located inside the Loews Regency New York Hotel in New York.

In addition to his flagship location in New York City, Farel also opens an annual pop up location at the US Open Tennis Tournament, which you will learn more about below.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Julien Farel about upcoming fall trends, his journey through the beauty industry, his experience with the US Open Tennis Tournament and his $1,000 dollar hair cut…

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

My parents were getting divorced while I was training at an academy to become a professional soccer player. This caused me to get distracted from my day-to-day education, both on and off the field. I decided to pursue an option aside from sports and I was obsessed with hair and hair loss. At that time, I was also too young to work at my family business so the options were limited. 

What inspires you to keep creating every day?

Pretty much everything beautiful that surrounds me every day – people, fashion, nature, love, architecture, sunshine, my family and of course, chocolate. Life is beautiful.

What trends do you expect to see in the fall?

This Fall, hair is all about texture – thick, long bangs and glamorous, sophisticated styles.


What piece of advice has resonated with you the most during your career?

There is no mystery to success… just passion, determination and perseverance when everyone else quits. 

Tell me about your famous anti-aging hair care:

We developed a technology in Italy in which we invested 5 years of research before launching. This technology penetrates the scalp, follicles and hair faster and deeper to deliver a stronger hydration system. By using our Anti-Aging Balance (A2B) technology/delivery system, we have now transferred the advanced science of skincare to apply to the scalp – for the first time – and hair. Everything starts with the scalp. Our guests can experience these products in our salon, and when they travel to any Loews Hotels in North America.

What is it like US Open Tennis Tournament?

It is such an exciting time for us, as well as a pleasure and an honor to work with such talented players and their staff. Helping the players look good from the inside out helps them perform better. We have now been the official stylists to the players for 11 years in a row at the US Open. During the tournament, we style the players at our NYC flagship at the Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa in the Loews Regency New York Hotel as well as our pop-up salon at the stadium.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.57.32 PMPhoto Credit: @julienfarel Instagram

What may people not realize about hair care and the US Open Tennis Tournament? 

What most people do not realize is that the players take 2-3 showers every day and wash their hair every single time. In the early years of our partnership with the US Open, friends and tennis players Rafael Nadal, Victoria Azarenka and Ana Ivanovic were all complaining that their hair was too dry. They needed something to hydrate their hair instead of their hair getting too dry all the time because of all of the sulfates that are found in most shampoos. Our A2B technology is sulfate free – it cleanses, hydrates and treats the hair and most importantly the scalp. Goodbye to dry hair!

What is your favorite part about working in NYC?

Energy!!! There is only one NYC in the world. Beauty, fashion, food, hair, business, etc. – everything is the best of the best. There are no limits!!

Tell us about the thousand dollar haircut:

The way in which I cut hair allows for the client to receive a cut every four to six months (normally people tend to get their haircut every two to three months). The technique (examining each hair strand repeatedly, until the client has reached maximum hair health without losing length), allows for the hair to grow back in a precise, healthy way.

What/who has been your favorite hair transformation?

Rafael Nadal in 2010. I transformed his signature style from long to short hair. Simultaneously, he won his first US Open.

What advice would you give someone to achieve the healthiest hair?

Do not wash your hair with shampoos that contain sulfates. Sulfates strip your scalp of all natural oils and if you do not have a healthy scalp, you will never have healthy hair! Use our Hero Product Restore! SLS free, paraben free, color safe, dermatologist recommended and a number one seller in Europe. It is a revolutionary technology that will cleanse, condition and treat your scalp and hair. 


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