Haute Living, Carlos Ponce and Michael Capponi To Host Miami Cares For Puerto Rico Event

Puerto-RicoPhoto Credit: http://matzav.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Puerto-Rico.jpg

Some people sit around and wait for action to be taken by the government, while others forge their way through to get direct action and reaction right now. Michael Capponi is one of those people, and he’s managed to use his Global Empowerment Mission to attract 500+ of Miami’s philanthropic individuals to volunteer and organize relief effort for Puerto Rico. Housed at the Mana Warehouse in Wynwood, Capponi and GEM, along with We Do Better, Third Wave Volunteers and the Caribbean Resilience Network have worked tirelessly for days and nights organizing supplies and packages to be sent onto the island, using connections to get access to trucks to load the supplies and transport it, as well as aircraft to deliver it.

For the Haute 100 lister and activist, waiting around is not an option. Capponi himself was actually on the ground aiding the Caribbean islands in the midst of Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Now, he’s using his philanthropic prowess to aid Puerto Rico, which is desperately in need of attention and action immediately. “This is a time where you put all the egos aside and everybody works hand in hand. It’s way bigger than what any organization can do right now. We have an influx of aid just coming in nonstop. Whatever anyone is able to do helps,” Capponi said. Together with Haute Living, Capponi, Global Empowerment Mission and Karla Dascal, wellness entrepreneur and founder of the Sacred Space Miami, are uniting the city with a “Miami Cares for Puerto Rico” fundraising event at The Sacred Space Miami (105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137) on Thursday, October 5th, 2017. Celebrity guests Carlos Ponce and Jencarlos Canela will be in attendance, who have both been active proponents in helping Puerto Rico. Tickets are $100 each and will go straight to GEM to benefit Puerto Rico—guests are also encouraged to donate more money if they’d like, as every penny counts to help someone’s life in this time of need. Click here to purchase tickets to attend the event.

It’s important that the public is aware that there are groups right now currently cutting right through the red tape and getting aid to THE PEOPLE IN PUERTO RICO. Here’s what’s transpired in the last 24 hours alone. 1. A 17,000lbs shipment left yesterday from Mia International to SJ International and was already delivered (not stuck on a port). 2. This morning, we’ve already had two small private planes leave South Florida. The aid we are collecting is going out to PR almost simultaneously. We need more donated planes, more aid brought to 535 NW 24st Miami. Our incredible teams such as @cupofliberty @globalempowermentmission Louis Diaz, Omar Rosario, Ágata Madro and Emanuele Mancuso #UnidosForPuertoRico #PRSeLevanta #globalempowermentmission #wedobetter #thirdwavevolunteers @icalbert @alisonthompsonofficial #miamiair #caribbeanresilience (different plane then previous post) A post shared by Michael Capponi (@michaelcapponi) on