Eat Local: South Florida’s Best Farm-To-Table Restaurants

In Miami and South Florida, we have our pick of some of the best cuisine around. And lucky for us, many of the restaurants take advantage of the fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create impeccable farm-to-table eats. Here’s a look at some of our favorite places where they incorporate farm-to-table service at its best from Miami and beyond South Florida:


Michaels Genuine

Miami-based acclaimed Chef Michael Schwartz has always been one of the most avid proponents of using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in his decadent plates. His first restaurant, Michael’s Genuine, has remained one of the most timeless restaurants in the city throughout the years, boasting plates that incorporate seasonal ingredients like the warm fennel and radish salad and desserts the highlight ingredients like mangoes, peaches and more depending on the time of the year. His other restaurants, Fi’lia and Harry’s Pizzeria maintain the same philosophy as they create seasonal menus highlighting some of Miami’s best fruits and vegetables throughout the year.


plnthousePhoto Credit: plnthouse

Matthew Kenney’s newest dining destination at the eco-friendly 1 Hotel is a fantastic option for fresh, plated-based eats. Guests can expect to find Kenney’s signature vegan bites like the spicy Thai Rice Paper Wraps, Spicy Citrus Kale Salad, Cauliflower Falafel Bowl and fresh-pressed juices and smoothies to get your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in a breathtaking, oceanfront setting.


market17Photo Credit: Instagram: @market17

Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, this farm-to-table restaurant boasts a serious menu featuring fresh produce and locally-sourced, organic ingredients. It’s been rated the #1 Farm-to-table Restaurant in 2017 by the Miami New Times. The spot’s executive Chef Lauren DeShields prides herself on preparing all of the dishes completely from scratch using only the highest-quality ingredients around, spending many hours scouring the local farms for the top picks. Expect to find tasty menu items like Grass-fed Beef Tartare, Local Swordfish & Potato Chive Gnocchi, Local Burrata and Cantaloupe salad and more depending on the season and selections of the moment. Whatever it is that they’re serving up, you can guarantee its quality is unrivaled.


farmers table bocaPhoto Credit: Instagram: @farmerstableboca

The Boca Raton restaurant and catering company offers some of the healthiest and freshest food around. Using almost entirely organic ingredients with no cream or butter in any of the food, the ingredients are all sustainable, healthy and delicious. Guests can enjoy specialties like the Farmers Stew created with all fresh farm vegetables; Grass-Fed Beef Burgers; Roasted Spaghetti Squash; and delicious Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cookies to satisfy your sweet-tooth (guilt free!). The spot offers quick bites, take out and extensive private dining and catering menus to the South Florida area.