Weekend Update: Lewis Brice Rocked The House At The South Shore Music Circus

Lewis BricePhoto Credit: 117 Group

Electrifying, energetic and one of the best shows to hit the South Shore this summer, Lewis Brice cruised into town this weekend to open for his brother (Lee) at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset Friday night and the Cape Cod Melody Tent on Saturday.

If you haven’t seen Lewis yet, you are in for quite a performance. His music is quite different from his brother’s – think southern rock meets blues. The younger brother joined the stage with his band  The Escorts, which consists of Nashville native Johannes Greer on drums, Phil Lester on bass, and guitarist/multi- instrumentalist Josh Waters.

Lewis had been preparing us for this incredible show over the last eight years. Over that time, he has perfected his music and recently released his self-titled EP. The rockin’ evening Friday night featured our favorite song and his most popular tune, ‘Best Ex Ever’. The song seems to poke fun at a failed relationship with a great girl that he may have some regrets not still being in a relationship with.

It was fun to watch Brice perform the catchy country song, ‘Outta My Head’, which is also about a relationship that drives him wild, but the crowd really went wild for Brice’s powerful performance of the southern rock favorite ‘Rob You Blind,’ a song about a bad news woman who he warns you have to watch out for.

From the impressive ‘Messin’ With My Mind’ to the heartfelt ‘Still With You,’ Brice’s solid performance proved to the crowd the other Brice is also on a fast-track to success. His collaboration with his brother went a step further when the show ended with Lewis’s performance complete with guitar solo of ‘Alabama,’ which he co-wrote and with his brother (who is also the EP’s executive producer).

Lewis BricePhoto Credit: Straight 8 Entertainment

We caught up recently with Brice to discuss where his inspiration comes from when songwriting, what song he most enjoys performing live and what it’s like touring with his brother.

When did you first know you wanted to become a musician? I received my first guitar at age 11 and I would say I was 23 when I realized I wanted music to be what I did for the rest of my life.

How would you describe your music? My music is a blend of southern rock with country influences. A little something for everyone to love!

Where does your inspiration come from when writing music?  I get inspiration for songs through personal experiences in my life as well as through the personal experiences of my friends, family and co-writers.

What song do most enjoy performing live? My favorite song to perform is “Messin’ With My Mind,” because I get to sing it loud and really get into it for the audience.

Is the song “The Best Ex Ever” based on your own personal experience? I would say Best Ex Ever is the half-true story of a real life event. We had to make it a little more ‘PG-rated,’ if you will!

What is it like touring with your brother? Anytime I get to do shows with my brother it’s a treat. He’s an awesome artist when we get to collaborate and play music together it’s always a good time.

The song “I Drive Your Truck” has special meaning to us in Boston as the song was written in memory of Medal of Honor recipient Jared Monti, who was from Raynham. What was it like filming that video? Being in the video for “I Drive Your Truck” was so special. I had to put myself in that position and get in the mindset to carry out the role. It’s a powerful song.

Do you have any favorite spots in Boston that you would like to share? One of my favorite spots is a restaurant called Skippers… the best clam chowder ever!