Weekend Roundup: The Best Places To Get Waffles For National Waffle Day

National Waffle Day is on August 24, and the city is brimming with places to go for innovative waffle concoctions. Head to one of these places for some of the best waffle based dishes in the city on Thursday, or save it for the weekend and stuff yourself with all the chicken and waffles your heart desires.


This classic nightlife spot and restaurant offers their take on the traditional delicious chicken and waffles dish. Their to die for South Brooklyn Chicken and Waffles consist of crispy spiced chicken, bourbon maple syrup, spiced pecans, and “red hot” garnitures.



If you’re looking for a trendy spot to get your fix, look no further than VANDAL. The hotspot will be offering Chicken & Waffle Mac and Cheese – the best of both worlds. Their concoction involves crispy chicken thighs, tabasco reserve, and a mouth-watering cheddar waffle crust.


The Stanton Social

Bring a friend to The Stanton Social and share a slew of small plates, the downtown spot’s specialty. For National Waffle Day, give their Chicken N Waffles a try; fried Chicken, blue corn waffles, corn pudding, fresno, and maple syrup.